• VUL Insurance: What it is and How You Can Benefit
  • Sun Life: Getting to know the oldest insurance company in the Philippines since 1895. 

I’m building this blog to help people live better lives. I’m using some background and truths in finance, real estate and Bible School to be a “salt and light” to the realities of our world.

Growing up in a background of poverty, I want contribute progress to people’s lives through my life. As a financial advocate and financial advisor, I advise people with Financial Planning, Budgeting, Insurance, Investments and Future-Preparedness. 

As a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, my advocacy is to help people invest in real estate property that they can enjoy for long-term, not just for their lifetime, but even for their children and heirs.

As a blogger, I write about travel guides and destinations so you can achieve work-life balance and maximize your travel experience. I also offer travel transportation service in Bacolod and surrounding spots.

Contact me for free inquiry.

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