10 Reasons why Christians should blog

We are now living in a highly-connected generation and a fast paced society. Communication methods in the past that usually take weeks or months before it reaches you could now go as fast as lightning and electricity.

Since the possibility of connection is now unlimited, the most important question now is “to whom will you connect?” “What things will you allow to have your attention?” “What contents will you install in your brain?” Since information is in explosion, what you need is wisdom and discernment. You need a filtering capacity and skill. What you need is an uncorrupted piece of document that will save you from falsehood and destruction- the Bible.

Before giving the reasons of Christian blogging, let me first give four requirements that I think you should have  before you start your online endeavour.

First, you must be born again. It would be impossible for you to be a heralding witness in the blogosphere if first of all you yourself is not regenerate. If you are blind, you cannot lead others who are also blind because both of you will fall into the ditch (matthew 15:14). If a person is not born again, it only means he did not see the God of the Bible, in fact, the truth is that he could not even see (john 3:3). It would also be dangerous if an unregenerate person tries to teach others because he would only lead to  damnation of other souls and would also qualify him to those whom Jesus rejects in Matthew 7:21-23.

Second, you must be consistently developing a repentant heart and supernaturally growing in grace. Not only genuine conversion, but it also takes genuine growth. That’s why Paul said in 1 Timothy 3:6 that an elder/teacher must not be a “novice” or a “recent convert.” Pray that God will continually make you mature, that your faith will grow and bear fruit. One of those fruits will be the words that will come out of you and be reflected in what you post.

Third, you must have a message. The world of media already has gazillions of ideas to offer, and what you need is an idea that will stand out from the rest, something that will last forever. We dont need another piece of information that will add to those “hay and stubble” that are without eternal value and are without eternal use, we already have much of them. What we need is Something that even when the heavens and the earth will pass away, those that you publish will not. What would be those? There is no other better way but to publish the Word of God. “Heaven and earth shall pass away but my word shall not pass away.” Matthew 24:35

Fourth, you need a platform. The prophet Jeremiah wept and preached in the streets of Jerusalem, and had Baruch as his secretary- and these were the Prophet’s platform. Apostle Paul stood in the midst of Mars’ hill in Acts 17 and that was his platform when he preached the gospel to the Greeks in Athens. Christ went up to the boat of Peter in Luke 5 and preached to the crowd sitting at the seashore, and that was the Lord’s platform.

One of the most accessible and most manageable platforms in today’s generation that can be created by any person is a blog. Not only that it has universal accessibility, but it also has a universal outreach. Anywhere in the world as long as there is internet connection, any person can be your audience. A blog has greater reach than Facebook. At FB, only your friends see it, but a blog can be seen by any person who is not your friend, you can post it in fb if you will. It can also be indexed by search engines and could be seen by those who try to google some enigmatic questions about life.

So, considering these, here are the reasons I think why Christians should be blogging:

1. To point your friends to Christ.

I remember in the movie “Social Network” where Mark Zuckerberg said something like, “in the past, people spent time in villages and town plazas, now, it will be in online villages.” This is the hang-out place of the next generation. And yes it is true, if the prophets and apostles preached at places where much people gather back then, why not go to online communities now where most of your friends spend there time?

2. To make your life more useful
Your life and time is short, and that is something you cannot deny. The challenge is, how can you make the most out of your limited time and resources? How can you do something that would have eternal value rather than temporal? How can you redeem the time and make your efforts multiply exponentially? Blogging Biblical truths is one of the best answers. You write something at once, and it will be there as long as the digital world and your servers continue to exist. You can make something that could reach a wide range of audience at almost zero amount of money.

Identify those things that drag you down, spot those activities that make you useless and eliminate them. What can those things be? It can only be summarized into one word, and that is SIN. Sin besets humanity. Sin slows you down. The wages of sin is death, it will harm you, it will shame you,it will destroy. We need God’s grace for us to lay these aside everyday, we need to beg Him moment to moment of our life. Consider these, and make yourself useful to the society and to God. Be a blessing to humanity rather than a burden, be a light of the world (Matt. 5)

3. To give you a sense of mission and direction
Life gets totally boring and meaningless without you having a sense of direction, or you without a destiny to look forward to, or dreams you aim to reach. Without God-glorifying long-term goals, your life would be like a jellyfish at the sea tossed to and fro wherever the waves throw you.

Let us be like Paul who had this tremendous joy in his race when he said, “I press on toward the mark of the high calling of God.” And at the end of his life, even most people he ministered unto rejected him, he was still able to say, “I have fought a good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith.” (2 Timothy 4). And why was Paul able to say these with fulfillment? Because he lived the life embracing the calling God has for him, He enjoyed and followed every minute of it, because deep down in him he knows the wisdom of his course-Giver.

Without a vision in your life, you will perish. A vision is not just a high-sounding paragraph like many instiutions create, but a vision is a revelation from above. A vision is not man-given, a vision is a special call. A vision gives direction and allows you to funnel your efforts into a solid aim. A vision is “a lamp to your feet, and a light into your path.” It gives you direction in every step of your way. That vision is a Book.

4. To make you more humble
One of the ways to know your blunders is to let others critique your work. If you publish something, you disclose a part of yourself and open up the possibilities of judgment, but fear not. Embrace comments and do not be afraid of them. Instead, learn moment by moment and enjoy the ride of development. It may be painful at times, but it is worth it. Seeing your wrong grammar will also add to the factors that will keep your feet on the ground. Anyways, if someone gives irrelevant comments, you can just delete them.

Otherwise, in every opportunity that is given to you by grace, it usually comes with opposition. Just like Nehemiah, ask wisdom from the Lord and don’t let cynicism from the world pull you down from that God-given calling. He will be with thee.

5. To lead you to greater depths of Bible study

If you had arrived to this stage of life where you have seen that others listen to what you say and allow you to influence their life, it would make you see that you are incapable wihout the grace of God. It gives you a deeper sense of responsibility to live right and spend more time with the Words that supply you with life. It is also giving you joy in preaching by the written forms, and witnessing by the digital platform.

6. To have more accountability in your private thoughts
Having a glimpse of the wonder and glory of God in your life will be your starting motivation to herald His Words, no matter how the people will respond. Seeing His glory is the starting point of every preacher’s calling in both the Old and New testament. This should be in yours too. Your thoughts are fixed to that Blessed Face and this is all you need to keep going everyday. This was the very reason why Prophet Ezekiel and Isaiah died hard for the assignment they had received from above.

7. To gain more like-minded friends

The internet is a valuable tool to connect a network of individuals who share things in common. One of its blessings is for you to know what is happening in other parts of the world, connect with people of like mind and realize that you are going through with the same experiences.

8. To leave “footprints” even after you die

The book of Hebrews said about Abel that even though he was already dead, yet he still speaks. What did God do to leave His footprint? He gave us His written Word. There is power on words. Words can move nations, transform societies and give life. Words can also destroy, kill or damn.

This has also happened to the Philippines when a man named Jose Rizal fought his battle using a pen, and he raised an entire army of his own countrymen. It would then be true for the saying which goes like, “a pen is mightier than the sword.” Accept it, death will really come, and it will be real for you also. How you can leave something worth in this dark world?

The Apostles, Prophets and preachers like the Puritans also had this tremendous influence which turned the world upside down. Through writing and the Spirit’s power, one can unleash a powerful force that the world has continually witnessed again and again in history. Revival comes throuh the discovery of the Books of Truth. This has happened like those during Ezra’s time in the Old Testament and also in the 16th century England, which led to Protestantism and Modern Age.

9. To enjoy every experience you have

Whether good or bad, it is always worth a story, but what matters is, which story will people be interested more? Stories of tragedy, survival, conflict, suspense and salvation capture our mind most. When your story begins to go down to the low valley, think of writing about it and let others be blessed. Bring others to that valley of vision and tell them about your experience on how it looked like, and how you were able to see the Lord in those depths. Let others learn from what you learn. Comfort others the way you were also comforted.

10. To glorify the Sovereign God

Whether therefore ye eat or drink or write, or whatsoever you do, do all for His glory. If writing is your passion, then grab that pen and start making something that has an eternal worth. Grow it, sustain it, and enjoy it. You will then be more satisfied, seeing the Lord is more glorified in your work.

Do you have other reasons in mind? Feel free to leave a reply below.

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by Bryan Villarosa

by Bryan Villarosa

Bacolod City-based Marketing Services Provider | Licensed Financial Advisor

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