5 Solas Foundation: Free Market For His Glory


5 Solas is a term inspired by the prominent alliteration of the 16th century movement that highlighted the key marks of salvation. It emphasized the singularity of the Divine Being in the regeneration of men. 500 years after, it is still a powerful force of truth that penetrates societies, captures intellectuals, disrupts the comfortable and transforms lives and nations. It paved the way to the rise of Liberty, Free Market System and Democracy. It also produced a breed of ethos called Protestant Work Ethic which influenced colonies around the globe.

As a thinker by nature, a sweep of its thought doesn’t stop to surprise me. It is my desire to be a part of propagating its tenets, support its bearers and make my life count by contributing to its propagation.

Sustainable Solutions

5 Solas Foundation believes that sustainability to any Noble cause is achieved by Free Men through the Free Market system.

Me and my partners collaborate with people who believe in the tenets of Free Enterprise, Economic Justice, Entrepreneurship and Business Ventures. Then by faith, we channel gains from these enterprise in order to support altruistic acts through benevolent funding.

Philanthropic Avenues where 5 Solas Foundation support:
1. Gospel and Discipleship-Driven Campus Ministries
2. Scholarships to Needy but Deserving Youth Volunteers
3. Youth Spiritual Development and Camps
4. Drug Addicts Rehabilitation Program
5. Southeast Asian Missions

Free Market As Mission

5 Solas Foundation supports works that focus on spreading truth so people’s lives are transformed by the Good News, which were also encapsulated in the 5 Solas.

5 Solas Foundation’s passion is in helping develop sustainable solutions towards the welfare of humankind and ministries, such as economic enterprise, tentmaking ministries, digital ventures and social entrepreneurship.

My desire is to see a life-changing and eternally-impacting mindset that prayerfully and faithfully seeks to sustain its mission by contributing a humble, temporal set of “worldly” attempts such as business and digital innovation. Not by the flesh but by the embodiment of His Spirit to earthly attempts.

This is also a feeble attempt to imitate Paul’s strategy in living with purpose. Paul even addressed those do not want to work, for whatever reason, and called them idle and wasteful (2 Thess 3:6). He set an example by selling his service which is “tentmaking skills” to support his philanthropy.

5 Solas Foundation is an embodiment  on the significance of Paul’s fund-raising venture “for the poor among the Lord’s people in Jerusalem”—“the collection”—for his ministry. Relying on the surprising results of current Pauline scholarship and a careful exegesis of a variety of New Testament texts, this venture is an attempt to follow his example. The “Jerusalem” now is where there is both a need and opportunity.

How to Partner?

Support and partnerships are open to all who are willing to be a part of this endeavor. Accountability and transparency are professionally observed. Fill the form below for inquiries.

We also accept voluntary donations through different channels:

  1. Bank of the Philippine Islands: 9199075591
  2. Banco De Oro
  3. PayPal