Social media exploded last week with the issue about LGBT when Manny Pacquiao made a remark against the practice of homosexuality. I think too much has been said and many opinions have been expressed, but here’s one of the powerful takes I’ve read so far. Here’s a book by Kevin De Young that will help one take a deeper understanding regarding Homosexuality: What Does the Bible Really Teach about Homosexuality?

Here’s an article that I think has dealt the issue of homosexuality at its authentic, Christlike and loving way. It’s written by a Christian woman struggling with SSA or Same Sex Attraction. She traverses her readers in her journey through struggles, pains and victories.

“I am a Christian, one who believes what the Bible says about sexuality… I’m also someone who was in a same-sex relationship for many years… It was during college when I met the person who would quickly become my best friend… I still dream about her all the time, and when I wake up she isn’t here… I had been worshipping her instead of God for a long time… Jesus is worth a broken heart. In fact, He’s the only One who can heal it again…. I can promise you that Jesus is a better husband… She’s married now with a beautiful daughter and continues to trust in Christ… It was a long, messy, and confusing time escaping this life that I loved… Don’t have strength to leave it all behind? Good. That’s what Jesus is for, run to Him.” See full article.

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