A Hebrew Concept of the word “Sales”


“Every man is a sales man”- Zig Ziglar

Life exists because of sales. Sales is an exchange, a transaction, an agreement, a covenant between two parties.

Sales exist as long as there are people who demand or need, and people who supply.

Sales is not just boxed in the realm of economics. Sales is a daily reality of life.

Entrepreneurs will only thrive when “sales” progress.

If taken broadly, you’re also on sales if you’re an employee- you do “sales” of your services to your boss. If you’re a mother, you do “sales” of your ideas and “authority” to your children.

If you’re a preacher, you prepare words that would take place in the minds of your listeners. You look forward that they will buy your idea.

What is the truth about sales? We go to an ancient, meaningful language. The Hebrew word is mimkar. This concept appears primarily 10 times in KJV.

The etymology (word-study) of this word is revolutionary. Mimkar is translated as sold and ware.

1.) Sold- is the usual, typical definition. It is the kind of sales that normally occurs in the day to day transactions. You pump a gasoline for your car, you buy coffee or you sell your phone on an online classified, that’s when you do sales.

2.) Ware– this is the second, more meaningful translation. The word ware is where we get “aware” and “beware.” It means:

“…to anticipate someone’s needs before they encounter it. It is to be future-oriented to the society’s necessities. It is to look for upcoming demands.”

The latter definition, ware, is the moral understanding about sales. This is where we got the words kitchenware, hardware, Tupperware, glassware, plasticware and software. Ware becomes meaningful. It’s a product that you have envisioned that would rescue or prevent people from experiencing further woes.

The true, good and beautiful ware is if it is produced by faithful awareness of the needs of other people.

A good salesman is watchful to the needs of his customers. He is constantly training himself to be cautious of what’s ahead. He trains his eyes to see the possible scenarios that would occur from the unknown future.

It’s about creating a product or service that will help solve problems, save people’s time and rescue them from complex sorrows.

A good “sales” teacher devotes her time thinking about the needs of her students. A good “sales” businessman studies devotes time in studying his customers and constantly thinking about how he can serve them well.

The more you think of others, the more you will produce good sales, the more people will support you. Mimkar is a revolutionary word to glorify the Maker that made us.

“The last shall be the first.”

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by Bryan Villarosa

by Bryan Villarosa

Bacolod City-based Marketing Services Provider | Licensed Financial Advisor

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