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I am a licensed marketing services provider and realtor that can help you make the best decisions. 

I help people get good real estate investments that fit their profile. My featured services:

My drive is to help my country and other people grow better through wise investments. I do this by using technology to solve challenges, market and disseminate information. 


In 1517, Martin Luther nailed a piece of document that led to a movement that forever blessed not just Europe and the West but also the rest of the world. Few decades before that, the Renaissance and Gutenberg invented the printing press, which later one was used to “fan the flame” of revolutionary ideas. 

Presently, we’re enjoying countless benefits as a fruit of renaissance and reformation. Such benefits include freedom of religion, free market, rule of law, among others. In the Philippines, we enjoy “Lex Rex” instead of “Rex Lex” as a distant effect of those seed of ideas.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”  – Robert Louis Stevenson. “For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” – Galatians 6.

In the digital world, circumstances are different but the principles are still the same. I believe that when we plant the reforming seeds, sometime, somehow it will not return void and would lead to life change. It may not be in your lifetime, but could transcend beyond. 

Childhood Years

I grew up having my navel tied with poverty. I experienced waking up as early as 3AM to sell in the wet market. I experienced sleeping inside a jeepney and waking up to attend classes.

I am used to calling passersby disruptively with the hope of buying our goods. I have wet my feet in the muds and I can still remember the smell of it when we arrive home. 

Before food reaches our table, I know the blood and sweat it has gone through. For me, food in particular, and just, righteous income in general is sacred. 

Despite of poverty, I was able to graduate as Valedictorian in Elementary, Salutatorian in the biggest high school in Negros, and Magna Cum Laude / Valedictorian in my first college. I supported my studies as a  working student- I washed thousands of dishes, woke up at 5AM, and more. Til this day, I value hardwork. Labor is honor. Sweat from labour gives you a good sleep.

I know how it is to live in wants, but I also know how to live in abundance. I’m blessed and grateful, that at some points, I have enjoyed life’s little abundance because of people’s sacrifices, generosity, and God’s grace the most. I’ve stepped in 7 countries in SouthEast Asia already, but have never went outside of ASEAN Region. I’m currently blogging my travels around the Philippines. 

Until now, I experience the effects when life was not well prepared in important aspects in the past- such as education and financial literacy. Factors include as deep as spiritual, mental and financial. That’s why in the present, my advocacies are driven by my story and surrounding realities. My feelings are not the truth, but the truth are eternal compass to navigate the sea of life with good success (Joshua 1:9).

With my story, I know, that someone, somewhere out there, are going through similar narratives like mine, and I wake up every morning determined to share these stories. 

Why I am Real Estate: The Peace of Having a Home

We experienced having no one- living in an informal settlement. We were evicted. We were tossed to and fro. I have experienced being chillingly afraid because of the people fighting outside our metal sheet wall. 

I know that someone out there, maybe not as exactly the same as mine, is longing to have a home that can bring security, tranquility and ownership in the family. 

I help my clients and audience plan in buying a home – even if it takes renting for now. I give tips around saving, simple-living, sacrificing and creating other streams of income.

That’s why I am now a Real Estate Salesperson.

Why I am Financial Blogger: The Value of Preparedness

I have lovedones who, because of lack of guidance, eagerness and education, weren’t able to prepare for their old age, and instead, live in idleness, borderline-begging and regrets. 

Until now, I am regularly dispensing what I have, sharing what I earned, so that they can at least have some upliftment. But I always mix that with advice, prayers and exhortation.

It is with these situations that I am a financial advisor/writer. At least, somehow, with this tiny speck of space in the internet universe, I can help you, my readers or your network, build a stronger financial foundation, so we can build a stronger nation. So we can soar with our dreams, so we can bless others, so we can put a smile in the faces of those in need. 

I help people get good real estate investments that fit their profile. My featured services:

My drive is to help my country and other people grow better through wise investments. I do this by using technology to solve challenges, market and disseminate information. 


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I help my clients find the best investment that match their profile. 


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