It was a big surprise when I opened my Upwork account and lo and behold, a big congratulatory banner greeted me- Top Rated Status! Below is the screenshot.

Top Rated

After a short sensation of celebration, I thought of my fellow freelancers who are in the same road… I imagined that by sharing some knowledge, they too can earn this simple joy of a 21st century kind of job.

I’m a freelancer since 2010. Enjoyed working in my pajamas, boxers or household comfy clothing, working 5 steps away from my bed- the freedom to work in flexi-time and regardless of location. Never experienced working on an 8-5 job. Woke up like this- in the adult world- and so far it’s a happy experience- can be with my family, visit a sick lola at the hospital anytime, do ministry and test startup ideas and business labs- all of which can’t be done if I am full-time or abroad- I think.

Recently realizing that you can be in Upwork or Freelance world too whatever profession you may have- even the traditional jobs like Lawyers, Teaching English, Engineering, Architectural Design and Medical Transcriptionists can be absorbed by online too… In any field where you poured out your life, you can offer consulting.


So I decided to do some research and create this page/department (which I will update time to time) to pave the way for our collective success.

According to Upwork, “you earn “Top Rated” status by building an impressive reputation on Upwork. You must have a proven history of success with multiple clients, delight your clients every time with high-quality work, and contribute to a safe and vibrant marketplace by knowing and following the Upwork Terms of Service.”

“Top Rated status helps outstanding freelancers and agencies grow their businesses and become even more successful in the Upwork marketplace. When you earn this status, you’ll be recognized through a badge on your profile and rewarded with exclusive perks, including increased access to client projects.”

What Upwork says is true. In all of life, reputation is everything. Solomon says, “A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.”- Proverbs 22:1

So here’s my take:
It’s always important to check your My Stats page time to time so you can work on becoming a Top-Rated Freelancer. Check you job success and strive to maintain long-term work relationships. Upwork has its own way to compute your stats.

Planning to create 2 main sections for this:
I. First, Benefits and reasons why Top Rated status is a big help for your freelancing career…
II. Second, How to earn and maintain Upwork’s Top-Rated status which I’ll post in the next blog.

But this page was only dedicated for the first item.

Please stay tuned or subscribe so you will receive the update once I’m done with the curation.

I. Benefits of Top-Rated

Below are my comments for each item on how I find them relevant to me as an Upwork freelancer.

A. Appear on Top of Clients’ Search

As stated in the congratulatory banner, you will earn a Top-rated badge in your profile. Here’s how mine looks:

My Profile Upwork

Since I am also a client, I went to my Upwork client account and see how Top Rated freelancers perform in my search for jobs. Here’s how Top Rated freelancers appear in a client’s account:

Top Rated Ran
So, if you are a Top Rated freelancer, you will appear at the top of job search results and maybe with an index “TOP RATED” or “BEST MATCH”

I also scrolled down, and those freelancers with the “Rising Talent” badges appear with the attention-grabbing blue ribbon.

Rising Talent

B. Ability to find jobs with 10% Upwork Fee only

When I opened my feed, there’s a new area which offered me 10%-only fees. This is exclusive for Top-Rated freelancers and it leads to higher revenues because normally, new job contracts charge 20% for Upwork fees and they slide down to 10% when they reach a certain threshold, then to 5% to reward long-term work relationships.


C. Ability to Periodically Remove Bad Feedback

This is a big blessing, giving a big sigh of relief.

Let’s admit it. Sometimes we do our very best, but our best wasn’t appreciated by our clients. Excellence seem to be subjective. We dispute. We exchange heated discussions. I’ve experienced it recently, around July, but thankfully I was able to resolve through peaceful resolution with my client with the mediatorial work of Upwork (that’s why it is better to work within Upwork’s parameters).

Also see: Tested-and-Proven Tips for Freelancers

I tried to delete a low feedback from a client last year, but I did not see any button for deletion. Will update this item time to time in the future when there’s news. I still need to do my homework by reading this Upwork page.

D. Priority phone, chat and email support.

E. Access to the private Top Rated forum, webinars and online office hours.

Here’s an exclusive webinar invitation that I received where I can learn more ways to upgrade and scale-up if I want to try an agency.

Benefits of Top Rated Upwork Profile
Benefits of Top Rated Upwork Profile


F. Job Digest emails and customized profile tips.

G. Opportunities to attend or host local events in select cities.

H. Eligibility to apply to our Premium Freelancer Program (only for select skills)

This is new to me. I thought there’s only Top Rated, but Premium Program is another crown for a freelancer. Here’s a graph page that summarizes the comparison of the three and here’s how to join a Premium Program.

To reflect, earning Top Rated recognition is a combination of honesty, hardwork and persistency. And most of all, whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men…- Colossians 3:23

I. More Benefits

I will update this page time to time so stay tuned or subscribe to receive updates on the benefits of becoming Top Rated. More details

Do you have suggestions, questions or comments? #Crowdsource Comment below.

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  1. I find it very helpful.I wish i can also do this in time but can you help me to be confirmed or verified by upwork. its been months since i tried to be part of it as a freelancer as well. but it always say that they don’t have available opportunities based on my expertise. I’m almost frustrated here and i badly need a job home based anyway. i would appreciate your concern and answers thanks.

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