Below are the details of the housing where I got my freelancer-PAGIBIG loan approved. These are also the details of the New East Homes Subdivision in Mansilingan, Bacolod City.

I’m writing this article to help my fellow freelancers if they are interested in a Real Estate investment. This is a good passive income or rental income or retirement strategy for us. This is also to help future freelancers to have a glimpse of their future financial situation.

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When I applied in PAGIBIG, I was still in a mission work at that time. We have no PAG-IBIG, I was only working freelance for part-time basis. I was balancing my time as a campus bible missionary and also a youth worker.

I was in freelancing for 2 years at that time, and I wondered if I can get my own PAGIBIG housing loan. It was one of my goals to have passive income in the future, a real estate investment and also to help my parents since they are still renting and are in the risk having no permanent residence when they grow old.

4 Ways to Gain from Real Estate

1.) Resell it- lands are not getting cheaper. Buy and sell will grow your money through time, instead of just keeping the extra at the bank.
2.) Rent it- renters will pay you, pay some to your amortization and keep some for your passive income without doing anything.
3.) Reside on it- save money on your transportation or lodging costs to the City. Save time on travels. Settle your kids here so they can give more time on studying. Settle your elders or sickly here so healthcare is accessible.
4.) Retire in it– time will come when we are no longer capable to work. Somehow, you would want to be close to our family, health care, churches and other important services. The best decision is to reside in a city where there’s high density of people, but where you can also quickly access the way to your home town, mountains or beach.

I searched the internet but have not found fully-satisfactory answers. I also looked deeply at their website for specific solutions. I was working in Aklan back then. I inquired in PAGIBIG Kalibo, Aklan. They said I need to go to PAGIBIG Bacolod because my location was here. Bacolod city is also my home town.

So I applied for a leave and traveled back to Bacolod wishing that my PAGIBIG application and loan would be approved. I had a significant flow of income from freelancing at that time. So I tried to bring my Bank Statement as well as my Certificate of Earnings.

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My bank is BPI. To get the certificate of earnings, just log in to using your registered account. Just go to view Account transactions > View statement of account > Select the time period.

Freelancing PAGIBIG BPI Bank statement

BPI2When I arrived at the PAGIBIG Bacolod office, they accepted the Upwork Certificate of Earnings. They accepted it as a good proof of earnings. But the PAGIBIG personnel said that they only allow loans for this for a maximum of P450,000. I was relieved since the house and lot investment I took costs P400,000 that time. Here is the complete story for that.

To get your Upwork Certificate of Earnings, go to Reports > More Reports > Certificate of Earnings (Bottom-most part). Upwork will then generate you a certificate for the last 12 months. Please remember that the figures there must have good figures to help PAGIBIG determine if you’re eligible.

These are the screenshots of how to get the C.O.E. from Upwork.

PAGIBIG HOusing Loan using Upwork Freelance

PAGIBIG HOusing Loan using Upwork Freelance

PAGIBIG HOusing Loan using Upwork Freelance


After presenting the COE to PAGIBIG, I then went to the Housing Company where I got my loan. They looked at it and said that they also approved the same freelancer few months ago who used this as his proof for Loan eligibility.

Here’s an infographic of the process which I grabbed from PAGIBIG and scanned for your info:

img010 - Copy.jpg

Update as of April 2016 – because there is a program of discount in PAGIBIG for those who earn 12,000 and below, I asked for a Certificate of Employment from my client in Canada and he sent it via PDF with his electronic signature. I was not sure if PAGIBIG will accept the concept of “Freelancing” and “Electronic Signature” yet, but I just took the risk, and they accepted it.

If you’re interested in a realty investment, feel free to contact me. You may buy a lot and sell for more in the future. This is a subdivision and lot and for sure the price per square will rise.


Yes, Freelancers from Upwork can now apply for PAGIBIG Housing Loan in the Philippines. In my case, I was. But it has a limit of 450,000 PHP (as what I have been told).

I guess this is a good start and a good help for thriving Filipinos. This can help them in our dream to become a better country, to be a nation used by God to be a blessing to the world. This will also help our country so that professionals will not leave, and just stay here to serve our countrymen in tangible ways, to ease the brain drain and build clusters of investment for inclusive growth.