Bacolod to Cebu Bus Guide Schedules and Fares

2020 Bacolod Cebu by Bus – Daily Schedules and Rates

  1. Bacolod to Cebu City
    • via DSB/ San Carlos / Toledo (most common)
    • via Mabinay/ Tampo / Bato
    • via Canlaon / San Carlos / Toledo
  2. Cebu City to Bacolod City
    • via Toledo / San Carlos / Don Salvador (most common)
    • via Bato / Tampi / Mabinay
    • via Toledo / San Carlos / Canla-on

Bacolod to Cebu City

Ceres South Terminal in Lopez Jaena Street, Bacolod CIty

Daily Trips / Aircon Ceres Buses

Regular: P555.00
Student: P480.00

via DSB / San Carlos / Toledo

Departure TimeFerry Boat Schedules
1:30 am5:00am – Lite Ferry
3:30 am7:00am – Lite Ferry
6:45 am10:00am – Lite Ferry
9:30 am1:00pm – Lite Ferry
12:00nn3:00pm – Lite Ferry
2:30pm6:00pm – Lite Ferry
8:00pm1:00am – Lite Ferry
9:30pm1:00am – Lite Ferry

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BCD - CEB via Mabinay / Tampi / Bato

Departure Time Departure Location
2:00 amCeres South Terminal

BCD - CEB via Canla-on / San Carlos / Toledo

Departure Time Point of Departure
4:00 amCeres South Terminal

The Bacolod South Terminal

(Photo Credits: Aksyon Radyo Bacolod)

Bacolod to Cebu Schedules
I took this shot at Cebu City's Ceres terminal at the Cebu North Terminal
RoRo Vehicle Rates Cebu to Bacolod

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Cebu City to Bacolod City, Negros


Regular: P555
Student: P480

Note: The Buses that will on board Fast Cat RoRo are P90 more expensive than the regular.

Daily Trips / Aircon Ceres Buses

via DSB / San Carlos / Toledo

Departure TimeFerry Boat Schedules
2:00 am4:00am – Lite Ferry
4:30 am7:30am – Lite Ferry
7:00 am10:00am – Lite Ferry
9:50 am1:00pm – Lite Ferry
1:00pm4:00pm – Lite Ferry
3:00pm6:00pm – Lite Ferry
6:00pm9:00pm – Lite Ferry
11:00pm3:00am – Fast Cat

BCD - CEB via Mabinay / Tampi / Bato

Departure TimeOrigin of Departure
1:00 amCebu City

BCD - CEB via Canla-on / San Carlos / Toledo

Departure TimeOrigin of Departure
4:30 amCebu City

Schedules may be subject to change without prior notice due to lean months or admin adjustments.

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Reference from Actual Posters

Photo Diary

Inside Tristar RoRo at 12MN when I did Cebu to Bacolod
My RoRo crossing Tanon strait from Tabuelan to Escalante City
The Bus I Rode arriving at 3AM in Bacolod after around 9 hours of travel. My time of departure from Cebu: 6PM the previous day. Route: via Tabuelan and Escalante
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