Local Living in Bacolod: StreetSmarts Guide

Transportation to and Inside Bacolod

You can get to Bacolod via the international airports of the Philippines in Manila, Clark, Cebu, Iloilo or Davao. Bacolod is 50 minutes by plane from Manila, and ~30 minutes from Cebu. Bacolod Airport is ~20 minutes from the city proper. If you have more time, you can tour Iloilo and get a 1.5 hour ferry to Bacolod. You can also take a bus to Bacolod from Cebu (7 hours) or Dumaguete (6 hours). 

Inside Bacolod, you can use jeepneys to travel to mainstream destinations such as markets, universities and malls. Take a taxi for destinations where not much public vehicles pass by. Tricycles are available inside subdivisions or barangays, or roads where there are no jeepney routes.

For car or taxi apps, use Grab Car or Grab Taxi. Use a new ride-sharing app called In-Driver where you’re the one to determine your fare. 

Where to Stay in Bacolod

Stay where your most destinations are. Here are top hotels:

By Ratings

Best Standard Hotels: LFisher, Seda Hotel, Negros Residences, Radisson, Avenue Suites, Westown Mandalagan, Planta Hotel. Best Cheap Hotels: LOC Residences, LFisher Ecotel, The Hostelry La Salle, The Suites at Calle Nueva and Leeman’s Dormitel. 

By Location

Lacson Strip and North: If you’re heading at Lacson or north, stay at the standard class hotels like Negros Sweet Captel, Seda, LFisher, Ecotel, Avenue Suites, Westown Mandalagan, Go Hotels. Affordable inns are LOC Residences, Pleasant Pension 1 and 2, Saltimboca, Bacolod Pension House. 

Downtown Bacolod: The heart of the city near the Public Plaza or SMX. Standard hotels are Westown San Juan, Bell Hotel, The Suites at Calle Nueva, SM Radisson Hotel (soon). Affordable inns are Leeman’s Dormitel at Old Cityhall and San Juan.

South Bacolod. Near Libertad, terminal to South Negros and Mambukal. Standard hotel is Planta Hotel, Negrense Suites / Oyo 543. Affordable inns are Nirvana Pension, Tamera Plaza Lacson, Mainstreet Pension House, Citi Grand Inn Taculing, Khookoon Inn Singcang.

East Bacolod. Transpo ride to Campuestohan and airport access road is here. East View Hotel/ Oyo, East Way Inn, Varcatelle / Reddoorz. 

For long-term stays in condos, you may consider Sukro in Lasalle Avenue. Recommended AirBnB condos are O Residences.

For house rentals, popular spots are Villamonte area, Fortune Towne, Taculing and Alijis. 


Government-Recommended Hotels (Bacolod City) Reference 1 | 2Contact Number
Avenue Suites435-7777
Acacia Hotel433-9620
Bell Hotel704-2756
Business Inn433-8877
Check In Hotel707-7770
Eastview Hotel707-2222
Go Hotel441-0506
GT Hotel Bacolod432-1886
L Fisher433-3731
Luxur Place434-4551
Metro Inn435-1818
Northwest Inn434-4077
Planta Centro468-0401
Royal Am Rei435-1837
Seda Capitol Central703-8888
Stone Hill Suites435-9206
Sugarland Hotel435-2690
Tamera Plaza Inn432-1708
Budget Accommodations
Casa Marbella434-8446
Citi Grand Inn708-1976
JP & D Hometel’s435-3004
Khokoon Inn445-3127
Limman’s Inn709-0846
Mahogany Pension474-1568
MC Rajs441-2571
Mercenary Inn433-6181
Middletown Inn435-8193
Negrense Suites431-2576
Nirvana Pension474-1568
Pension Bacolod734-7065
Pleasant Travelers Inn709-8550
The Hostelry432-2663
The Suites at Calle Nueva708-8000

Budget Food Sources

Budget place for market purchasing:

  • Farm Goods & Spices: Libertad Market
  • Beef, pork and eggs: Taala Farms (an established farm-to-market producer)
  • Grocery: KJ Fairmart, Consuelos or any supermarket
  • Native Coffee: Libertad or Burgos
  • Fish: Pala-pala area
  • Chinese products: Shopping, Huakong
  • Organic: Libertad, Negros Weekend Organic Market, Ayala Mall


HelpHotline (Updated Jan 2020)
Emergency 911
Police, Fire, Ambulance911 or 432-3871
to 73
Bureau of Fire434-5022 to 23
AmbulanceAmity: 433-3244
Chamber: 432-0111
Red Cross: 435-0324
BTAO Traffic704-1443
The Doctor’s Hospital468-2100
Riverside Hospital433-7331
Station 1 – San Juan704-3687
Station 2 – 13th Lacson704-3614
Station 3 – Mandalagan474 0209
Station 4 – Villamonte708-3771
Station 5 – Granada708-8291
Station 6 – Taculing468-0341
Station 7 – Mansilingan446-2802
Station 8 – Tangub704-3133
Station 9 – Sum-ag704-3435
Station 10 – Handumanan709-9151
Bacolod City Tourism Office(034) 708-3066 | [email protected]
Office of the City Mayor
New Government Center
(034) 707-0000 / 435-0055
[email protected]
Source: Bacolod City Tourism Office

Handy Facts about Bacolod City

Bacolod Province

The province where Bacolod City belongs is Negros Occidental. Negros originally and literally meant “land of black people.” It was from the first impression of the Spaniars when they first touched the shorelines of the island.

Today, one of the original settlers of Negros can still be found in Kabankalan. They are the Carul-ans, and still has their own distinct dialect.

More on Bacolod Province

Bacolod Region

Bacolod city belongs to the Western Visayas Region or Region VI. The Visayas is the central portion of the Philippines and is composed of many islands including Cebu, Leyte, and Panay.

The islands of Negros and Panay (Iloilo etc.) are at the west side of this group, hence the name. In this region, you will also find Antique, Boracay, and Guimaras.

More on Bacolod Region

Interesting Facts

The name Bacolod is an old Hiligaynon term “bakulod” or “baklod” which means “hill, elevation, bond of land mass or a high ground.” It was given by previous settlers in Negros because of the elevated topography in the eastern section of Bacolod which is now Granada. Granada was the center of Bacolod in the colonial period, hence was named after Granada of Spain. Bakulod has semantic relationship with the Filipino term “buklod” which means bond

Bacolod language. The language of Bacolod City is Hiligaynon. Actually, Hiligaynon is not recognized as a language but a dialect. We have the same language as Iloilo City and Iloilo province, as well as Negros Occidental, with the exception of some northern places like Sagay to San Carlos (w/c are a mixture of Cebuano already).

The distinctions. Some people call our languange as Ilonggo. I think that is acceptable, knowing the evolutionary nature of language. An ilonggo can be a person who is a local of Iloilo or Bacolod, or the language itself. 

To be more precise, the people of Bacolod are called Bacolodnon. The people of Negros are Negrenses or Negrosanon. The people of Iloilo or Ilonggos

City Maps

Below are some of the maps which could be useful for you. 

Bacolod Development Map
Bacolod 2nd Circumferential Economic Highway
Bacolod 2nd Circumferential Highway

The Weather

If you travel during wet seasons, most likely you won’t enjoy your vacation if you are after the beach or some outdoor activities. Here are my experiences of the weather:

Because of the presence of the mountains at the central part of the island, the Westerlies or the Habagat winds are being blocked somehow, minimizing their impact. The mountains also serve as a blockage against storms which always come from the Pacific ocean. 

Late part of May to Early August: So far this is the rainiest season of the year. It’s the wet season so expect rains, low pressure, tropical depression or even storms. But not all the time. Sometimes its cloudy and sunny. Storms may also come during the “ber” months. 

October to January: The coldest months of the year. 

Late February to Early May: Summer or the hottest times of the year.

Survival Ilonggo Phrases

Tip: Using naturally-accented ilonggo words may cause you win local friends and will also save you in the market or informal souvenir shops whenever you buy some pasalubongs because the souvenir owners would not perceive you as a tourist.

Note: I crafted the translations as the daily conversational ilonggo words, skipping the formal versions I can see in Bibles. 


  1. Hello
  2. Good morning!
  3. Good noon!
  4. Good afternoon!
  5. Good evening!
  6. Good night!
  7. How are you?
  8. How much is this?
  9. Can I bargain the prirce?
  10. Where is this?
  11. Delicious!
  12. Good!
  13. May I know your name?
  14. My name is….
  15. I would like to go to….
  16. Please bring me to….
  17. Where is the bathroom?
  18. Where is my hotel room?
  19. How can I go to….?

Ilonggo / Hiligaynon

  1. Hello
  2. Mayong aga!
  3. Mayong ugto!
  4. Mayong hapon!
  5. Mayong gab-i!
  6. Mayo nga pagtulog!
  7. Kamusta ka na?
  8. Tagpila ni?
  9. Wala na ni ayo? (note the o is hard o just like the tagalog “tampo”)
  10. Sa diin ni?
  11. Namit!
  12. Maayo!
  13. Sin-o gni ngalan mo? (do not round the “o” just like “mango”… instead end it with the “o” of “Pablo…” you know what I mean)
  14. Ako gale si….
  15. Gusto ko tani magkadto sa (polite)
  16.  Paki dul-ong ko sa… (with command)
  17. Din gani ang banyo?
  18. Din gani ang room ko?
  19. Paano ko gani kakadto sa…?

Suggested Itineraries

Tour A: Iconic Places Tour within Metro Bacolod

  1. Breakfast at Sanders Coffee & Sausages
  2. Visit The Ruins in Talisay – for better experience, I suggest going before before 11AM before the intensive noonday light or after 5PM, just when the the sun sets and the lights of the archaic mansion turn on. 
  3. Negros Capitol Lagoon
  4. Negros Museum
  5. Visit New Government Center
  6. Dinner at Aida’s in Manokan Country
  7. Eat dessert at Calea

Tour B: Eat with Locals

  1. Coffee at KKD or Kape Danay
  2. Eat at Chong’s – a rising tapsilogan and sizzlers sprouting key places in Bacolod. 
  3.  Hangout at Rust’s 

Major cities to Bacolod 🚙

Bacolod to Iloilo or Vice Versa via RoRo

Bacolod to Iloilo or Vice Versa via Fast Craft Ferry

Bacolod, Negros to Guimaras or Vice Versa

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