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Day Tour Categories

Experience and enjoy Bacolod with these different types of itineraries. 

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Day Tour Bacolod

One Day Tour

Got one whole day? Visit the most iconic places in Bacolod and Silay that can make you say you’ve been to Bacolod legit!

Half Day Tour Bacolod

Half Day Tour

Not enough time? A half day tour is possible! Taste Bacolod landmark foods and buy pasalubong to bring a piece for your loved ones!

3D 2N Tour Bacolod

3D 2N Tour

Got a whole weekend to spare? Extend your exploration up to the mountains of Don Salvador and Silay, and beaches of Lakawon!

Nature Day Tours in Bacolod

Wellness & Nature

Bacolod is in Negros and this 3rd biggest island is a Green Island! Forests, mountain resorts, hot springs abound for you to explore. Learn more

Beach Tours in Bacolod

Beaches & Resorts

White-sand beaches are just hours away from Bacolod. Facing west, Negros Occidental offers a whole coastal line facing the sunset.

Food Tours in Bacolod

Food & Sweets

Famous for its chicken, Bacolod is also a food haven. Being in the land of sugar, a wide range of sweets are waiting to be found!

History and Culture Tours in Bacolod

History & Culture

Negros means “black people” which the Spaniards saw upon their settlement. Bacolod offers interesting stories of the past.

Festivals in Bacolod

Festivals & Locality

Bacolod has established a festival that uplifted the city both emotionally and economically. But there are more for you to see!

Farm and Organics Tour in Bacolod

Farm & Organics

Agri-tourism is booming in Bacolod. Discover how people endeavours for sustainability and express love for the environment.

Bacolod Day Tours

Bacolod City is the gateway that opens up your exploration of Negros Occidental province, the land of sugar.

Want to maximize your vacation to spend more quality time with your lovedones? Plus someone to take your pictures? Starts at P2,500/day for up to 7 persons. 

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One Day Tour: Popular Bacolod Destinations

  • Morning (~3 hours)
    • Go Nature: Mambukal Hotspring, Drop by at Kampana Cafe
    • or Go Adventure: Campuestohan or MagikLand 
    • or Go Historical: Negros Museum, Silay Negrense
  • Lunch
    • Aida’s Manokan Country, Sharyn’s Cansi or Sandok’s KBL
  • Afternoon
    • Dessert at Calea
    • Negros Capitol Lagoon Park
    • NGC Iconic City Hall (not so hot sun)
    • 4:30PM The Ruins (get day, twilight and night shots)
  • Evening
    • Dinner at The Ruins resto
    • or any of Inasal, Cansi or KBL

In the morning, you can go historical, natural or adventurous. Historical: Travel to the historical Museum City of Silay, Talisay and explore ancestral houses that bring you back to the colonial times. Enjoy the guided tour in Balay Negrense, among others. A nearer option is the Negros Museum in Bacolod City.

Natural Eco Tours: Dip at sulfuric hotsprings of Mambukal, watch the foxbats, shop for flowers. Make Adventurous attempts in the different rides of Campuestohan Highland Resort. 

Around noon, eat lunch at Manokan Country and dessert at Calea, Felicias or Sophia’s. Around 3PM, take your remembrance shot at the Capitol Lagoon and buy local pasalubong in Ayala Mall or Lacson Strip.

At twilight, head to The Ruins to get the day, dusk and night shots of the popular landmark. Get a dinner at the Ruins resto or at local hubs near Bacolod New Government Center.

If you want a specific category for your tour, check out these day tours below: Wellness & Nature | Food & Sweets | History & Culture | Farm & Organics

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Half Day Bacolod Itinerary Tours

Half-Day Tour: Popular Bacolod Destinations

  • Morning to Noon
    • Departure or Pickup from hotel 
    • Start with The Ruins to avoid the noon-like shots
    • via Circumferential, drop by New Government Center (NGC)
    • Proceed to Calea for cakes
    • Pass by Negros Capitol Lagoon / Negros Museum
    • Eat lunch at Aida’s in Manokan Country / Shop at SM for souvenirs
  • Afternoon to Evening
    • Post-lunch dessert at Calea
    • Take a walk and shots at Negros Capitol Lagoon
    • Visit Negros Museum
    • Head to NGC
    • Taxi/Car to The Ruins via Circumferential at 5PM
    • Dinner at the Ruins or Aida’s Manokan
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Bacolod Day Tours Itinerary Tours

3D2N Bacolod Tour with Lakawon

The following suggested itinerary is inspired by our clients from our transportation tours service. 

Day 1: Mountain or Heritage TOurs

If you enjoy nature, Don Salvador Benedicto and Mambukal are municipalities outside Bacolod which you may want to consider including. If longer travel tires you, you can choose option 3, which is Bacolod Food, Coffee and Heritage Tours.

Option 1 (Nature Hopping: Mountains to HotSpring): 8AM, travel to Don Salvador Spots. Start with KM55 Villa (for reservation), Lion’s Club Landmark, Malatan-og Falls viewing deck,  Stone Peak Cafe, Pine Tree Lane, Cafe Laguada (view of a valley and get a ‘buwis buhay’ pose! 2PM @ Relax at Mambukal: Dipping Pool/Sulfur Bath, Bat-Watching / Get massage, (Optional) Trek to 3rd Falls. 

Option 2: (Reverse with DSB End Point). Mambukal whole day and spend the night at KM55 Villa (overnight) or Toreno Resort

Option 3: (Bacolod Food and Heritage Tour) If going up to the mountains is tiring for you (Total 2.5 hours of travel), you could go the less-tiring: Negros Museum, Ayala / SM Malls for Bacolod Souvenirs, Robinsons Mall for The Negros Showroom, Food Hunting: Mila’s, Sharyn’s Cansi, KBL at Sandok, Mila’s, Coffee Tour: Kapipat’s Egg Coffee, UCC at PNB Lacson or local coffee shops along Villamonte Ylac Street.

Day 2: Iconic Spots Tours

  • (if from Mambukal or DSB) Check-out at AM
  • Pass by Kampana Cafe in Mansilingan
  • Travel to Bacolod City and Lunch at Aida’s Bacolod Manokan Inasal
  • Negros Capitol Lagoon
  • Visit Campuestohan
  • By 4PM: The Ruins Mansion – get both day and night view shots
  • Make sure your travel guide confirms if The Ruins is available
  • New Government Center. Take a walk at The Esplanade Bacolod. Get blind massage.
  • Shop for Pasalubong at Bong Bong’s, Merczi or Ceres Mart. 
  • Eat the famous cakes at Calea before 9:30 PM
  • Drop off to Bacolod Hotel

Day 3: Lakawon Island Resort

  • 7AM: Depart to Lakawon
  • Pass by Silay’s ancestral houses
  • Pass by Manapla and buy the original puto
  • (optional) Pass by The Angry Christ inside Victorias Milling Company
  • Leave Lakawon after Sunset
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Mambukal River Through

Wellness and Nature

Yearning to disconnect? Digital detox? Soak in the offline luxury of having less  or no signal so you can temporarily escape the hustles of your busy life. Then, come back with a restored mind.

Recommended Wellness and Nature Destinations: Mambukal Resort, Lantawan View & Duyan Cafe in Silay; Jomax Peak, KM55, Rapha Valley in DSB; The Quiet Place, Bantug Lake Ranch in Bacolod

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Bacolod Resorts and Beaches Tours

Beaches and Resorts

White sand beaches in Negros? Beach and water resorts are here for your family to enjoy. Enjoy quality time with your family in Bacolod’s wide array of resorts – from beach, pools and mountains. Get comfort in natural scenes and hotbaths of Mambukal, enjoy the rides and cool climate at Campuestohan, serenity at Bantug Lake Ranch or Uma ni Don, enjoy sunset view at Palmas del Mar or Resorts Negrense, accessibility of Forest Park.

Recommended Beach and Resort Destinations: Campuestohan Highland Resorts, Lakawon Island Resort, Resorts Negrense, Forest Park, Palmas Del Mar, Mambukal.

Aidas Manokan Bacolod Itinerary Tours

Food and Sweets

What do you like about Bacolod? My clients always answer ‘food’ as one of the top attractions. Bacolod is a food haven. It excites toursts’ tastebuds.

Popular Food Destinations: Trademark foods are Aida’s Manokan Inasal, Sharyn’s or Eron’s Cansi, Calea’s or Felicia’s Cakes, Batchoy. Local Food Servers are Bob’s Restaurant, Bar 21, Mila’s, Lord Byron’s. Coffee destinations are in Ylac Villamonte, Coffee Culture & Roastery, Kapipat Egg Coffee. 

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History & Culture

Experience Negros culture and history by walking inside the halls of Negros Museum,, visiting places where locals hangout, and appreciating Negros arts that flourish through the passing of time. 

Bacolodnons and Negrenses are noted for their artistic abilities as manifested by both past and present works of art. Appreciate history & classical architecture of the Ruins Mansion and Provincial Capitol Lagoon; Art galleries that showcase works of local artists such as Negros Showroom, Jojo Vito Mask Gallery, Martinez Gallery.

Popular History, Landmarks & Culture Destinations: Negros Museum, Bacolod City Government Center, Bacolod Publiz Plaza and Grandstand, Religious meeting places such as San Sebastian Cathedral, Ikthus Fellowship Hall. Hangout places of locals such as BREDCO Sunset Boulevard, Esplanade Bacolod, SM and Ayala Malls. (Soon Megaworld Upper East and Northill Gateway, Vista Mall), The Angry Christ inside Victorias Milling Company.

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Bacolod Itinerary Tours Festivals and Locality

Festivals & Locality

Roam and eat like a local in these hubs of activities where locals shop, dine or hangout. Rub your elbows with Negrenses during Masskara Festival, or while you sip Negros coffee, and meet new friends!

Festivals in Bacolod include Masskara (Oct), Bacolaodiat (Feb), Diwali Festival, Rhum Festival, Panaad sa Negros Festival.

Popular Hangout Places of Locals: Hangout places of locals such as BREDCO Sunset Boulevard, Esplanade Bacolod, NGC Grounds, SM and Ayala Malls. (Soon Megaworld Upper East and Northill Gateway, Vista Mall). “Coffee street” in Villamonte, Oldies Cafes in Central Market and Libertad, Kapipat Egg Coffee. Experience retail therapy as you shop local products in Negros Showroom, Fresh Start or local farm goods in Bagsakan Libertad or Negross Weekend Market. 

Masskara Festival. Held each year in Bacolod, Philippines every October. The highlight is the last weekend which features street dance competitions, musical festivals, fireworks, food expos and cultural mask exhibits. Masskara has a meaningful history and was coined from “mass” a multitude of people, and the Spanish word “cara” face, thus Masskara is a multitude of faces.

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Bacolod Farm and Organic Tours

Farm & Organics

Experience agri-tourism and sustainability by visiting organic cafes within Bacolod. 

Popular Farm/Organic Destinations: Natural Garden Cafe Mandalagan, May’s Organic Farm Resort, Uma ni Don in Granada, Fresh Start Organics SM, Vegie Bites in Hi Strip East, Bantug Lake Ranch, Rapha Valley in DSB. Or simply staring at the beautiful combination of sugarcane and mountains along Murcia roads.

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HelpHotline (Updated Jan 2020)
Emergency 911
Police, Fire, Ambulance911 or 432-3871
to 73
Bureau of Fire434-5022 to 23
AmbulanceAmity: 433-3244
Chamber: 432-0111
Red Cross: 435-0324
BTAO Traffic704-1443
The Doctor’s Hospital468-2100
Riverside Hospital433-7331
Station 1 – San Juan704-3687
Station 2 – 13th Lacson704-3614
Station 3 – Mandalagan474 0209
Station 4 – Villamonte708-3771
Station 5 – Granada708-8291
Station 6 – Taculing468-0341
Station 7 – Mansilingan446-2802
Station 8 – Tangub704-3133
Station 9 – Sum-ag704-3435
Station 10 – Handumanan709-9151
Bacolod City Tourism Office(034) 708-3066 | [email protected]
Office of the City Mayor
New Government Center
(034) 707-0000 / 435-0055
[email protected]
Source: Bacolod City Tourism Office

Government-Recommended Hotels

Government-Recommended Hotels (Bacolod City) Reference 1 | 2Contact Number
Avenue Suites435-7777
Acacia Hotel433-9620
Bell Hotel704-2756
Business Inn433-8877
Check In Hotel707-7770
Eastview Hotel707-2222
Go Hotel441-0506
GT Hotel Bacolod432-1886
L Fisher433-3731
Luxur Place434-4551
Metro Inn435-1818
Northwest Inn434-4077
Planta Centro468-0401
Royal Am Rei435-1837
Seda Capitol Central703-8888
Stone Hill Suites435-9206
Sugarland Hotel435-2690
Tamera Plaza Inn432-1708
Budget Accommodations
Casa Marbella434-8446
Citi Grand Inn708-1976
JP & D Hometel’s435-3004
Khokoon Inn445-3127
Limman’s Inn709-0846
Mahogany Pension474-1568
MC Rajs441-2571
Mercenary Inn433-6181
Middletown Inn435-8193
Negrense Suites431-2576
Nirvana Pension474-1568
Pension Bacolod734-7065
Pleasant Travelers Inn709-8550
The Hostelry432-2663
The Suites at Calle Nueva708-8000

Bacolod City Tourism Contacts

Tel. No. (+63 34) 434-675
Telefax No. (+63 34) 708-3066
Email: [email protected]

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