Bacolod to Guimaras

How to Get to Guimaras from Bacolod?

  1. If you’re from the Airport, take the UV / vans to the New Ayala Mall Bacolod and ride Banago jeep in front of Ading’s Pala Pala a few minutes walk from Ayala Mall.
    • From any point in Bacolod, ride Banago Jeep to Banago Wharf.
    • If you take airport taxi, go directly to Banago Wharf. At Banago Wharf, catch FastCat RoRo to Iloilo City Proper.
    • From Lapuz Iloilo, take 2 rides jeep (P9) or taxi to Parola (if you’re headed to Buenavista, Guimaras), get to Ortiz (if Jordan, Guimaras where Alubihod, Andana, etc. are).
  2. Alternatively, from Bacolod Airport, you can get to BREDCO (near SM) via van or taxi and ride on any of the 3 RoRo, but if you want faster but more expensive means, take Fast Crafts to Iloilo City.
    • The RoRo in BREDCO will bring you to Dumangas, Iloilo which is around 1 hour away commute to Iloilo City.
      • From Dumangas Port, take a tricycle to Dumangas Proper, take a van to La Paz, Iloilo City.
    • From any point in Iloilo City, get a taxi to Parola or Ortiz, or ride a Jaro CPU Jeep to Parola – Buenavista or Jaro Liko Jeep to Ortiz – Jordan.
  3. To go directly to Guimaras from Bacolod via Pumpboat
    • From Airport, take a van to Libertad Market. 
    • Get to a Pulupandan Canter / Jeep in front of Save More.
    • Go down at Guimaras Seaport in Pulupandan
Mango Pizza in Jordan Guimaras Pitstop

Guimaras Island is a stunning place to enjoy creation. Some of the things that I love about Guimaras are going there for Manggahan Festival, buying cheap and delicious mangoes, eating mango pizza, mesmerized by Andana Resort or the laid back rest in Alubihod beach and so much more. 

Even though Iloilo is the one enjoying mostly on the access to Guimaras, I believe Bacolod and Negros must not be left behind. With the upcoming bridge that will link our three islands, these travel options may serve as well. 

Option 1

From Bacolod Airport to Banago Wharf via Fast Cat to Ortiz or Parola in Iloilo City

Fast Cat Schedules from Banago Wharf

Departure Time from BACOLOD CITY

Arrival Time at LAPUZ, ILOILO CITY

5:00 AM
(From Banago)
6:30 AM
11:00 AM
(From Banago)
12:30 PM
5:00 PM
(from BREDCO)
6:30 PM
11:00 PM
12:30 AM

Fast Cat Iloilo Docking Pier to Parola (to Buenavista Guimaras)

From Fastcat Docking Pier to Ortiz (to Jordan, Guimaras / Alubihod / Andana / etc.)

Option 2

From Bacolod Airport or City Proper to Bacolod BREDCO via Fast Crafts or RoRo to Iloilo City

For Ships in BREDCO to Iloilo, see the links below:
RoRo Schedules and Fares
Fast Crafts to Iloilo City

FastCraft Terminal of Iloilo to Parola (to Ortiz Wharf to Guimaras)

From FastCraft Terminal in Iloilo City to Buenavista Termina (called as Parola Wharf)

Option 3

Direct to Guimaras: From Bacolod Airport or City Proper to Guimaras Island via Pulupandan and Suclaran or Sibunag

From any point in Bacolod City, just get to Libertad South Public Market. Look for the Pulupandan Paradahan in front of Save More Libertad.

Take a ~30 minutes ride to Pulupundan. You won’t reach Pulupandan proper. Just go down at Ferry Terminal at the left side upon entering Crossing Pulupandan. 

Bacolod to Pulupandan
Crossing Pulupandan
Pulupandan to Guimaras
Direction from Bangga Pulupandan
Direction from Crossing Pulupandan to the Ferry Terminal
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by Bryan Villarosa

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