Baguio to Vigan



Taxi / By Land
2900 Regular Taxi
  • 3 Hours Travel
  • Aircon
  • Maximum of three passengers

Farinas Trans

Bus / By Land
414 Standard AC
  • 6 Hours 15 Min Travel
  • Aircon, TV and WiFi on Board
  • 20 Kg Luggage + Hand Baggage

Baguio Van

Van Rental / By Land
7000 Premium Van
  • 4 Hours Travel
  • Professional Driver, Wi Fi
  • GPS tracked Van for Client’s and Driver’s Safety


Vigan Cathedral

Also called the Saint Paul Metropolitan Cathedral, the Vigan Cathedral is another important landmark in Ilocos Sur’s capital city.  It stands in a prominent spot just in front of Plaza Salcedo, which is why you might find many tourists having their pictures taken between these notable structures. The cathedral pays homage to Baroque architecture as seen in the ornate details outside and inside the church, although the cathedral has had its share of renovations too to make it sturdier.

Pagburnayan Jar Factory

The Pagburnayan Jar Factory is open for tourists who want to see and experience pottery making first hand, from simple, basic designs to more artistic earthen jars. ​The staff will also tell you an interesting background about the origins of pagburnayan, the art of producing jars, which was inspired by Chinese traders who came to settle in Vigan and then later intermarried with Ilocanos and Ilocanas.

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