Batangas to Boracay



By Bus + By Plane
3500 Economy
  • Bus from Batangas to Manila Airport
  • 5 Hours Total Travel Time
  • Aircon, Steward, Water Closet

2Go Travel

Ferry / By Sea
1175 Super Value Class
  • 11 Hours Travel
  • TV, Water Closet and Double-deck Bunk beds
  • Max of 50kg Luggage per Passenger

StarLite Ferries

Ferry / By Sea
980 Reclining Seats
  • 9 Hours Travel
  • Aircon, Snacks, TV, Water Closet
  • Max of 50kg Luggageper Passenger


Puka Beach

Puka Beach is a popular alternative to the party side of Boracay. Much different from the other parts of the island, the waves here can get a little choppy during the day. So, instead of the noise of party-goers, all you’ll hear are the natural sounds of nature. It’s a good idea to pack some snacks, lay out a beach mat, and enjoy a picnic while waiting for the famous Boracay sunset.

Ariel's Point

Ariel’s Point is an eco-adventure destination where guests can cliff dive, kayak, paddleboard, and snorkel in an unspoiled tropical paradise.This Boracay gem is the perfect change of scenery from the Boracay you’re used to. Ariel’s point is most popular for their 15 meter high “diving boards” where adventure junkies can leap off to the clear waters below. But if you’re not up for the thrill, Ariel’s point is still worth the visit.

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