beach property in Calauit Busuanga for Rent

Beach for Lease in Calauit Busuanga

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beach property in Calauit Busuanga for Rent

Good for restaurant, resort or retreat businesses. 

For long-term lease preferably 15 years, subject for escalation. Rate is P150,000 per month, negotiable. 

It has 1 big native house with 1  air condition big room, bar, 5 small native huts good for 2 to 3 person. Currently it is operating as camping site.

2 telecom towers in front very strong signal with electricity and water.

Total area is abot 5,000 sq. There are still space for additional structures. About 1,200 sq. Meters.

Owner’s aim is just a natural and eco friendly place at the same time he’s busy  with other ventures.

Dugongs are playing in front area.

But now a days there are regular jeepney trip and a van daily in front vilage new quezon a mainland

Better today really much better ang the road are almost don there are still maybe 8km to pave.


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