Biblical Worldview on Business

The Philippines and other nations need to restore and rediscover a Biblical view of Business and to the rest of our life’s areas. Our country needs the church’s assistance on how to bridge relevance between their jobs and sacred calling, between everyday life and the Biblical worldview.

Building our worldviews on the Bible will never let us down. It’s like building our house upon a Solid Rock. It’s stable, trustworthy and sure. Building a business that is meaningful and satisfying means building it on the precepts of the Word.

Too many resources have been wasted on the hands of non-Christian ideologies and we’ve suffered as a nation from disastrous worldviews of our enemy, it’s always the best to call Christians to step up and shine the Light given to us.

Too many resources have been wasted on the hands of non-Christian ideologies and we’ve suffered as a nation from disastrous worldviews of our enemy.

When God calls you into something, it’s never too late. Christians need strengthening to sustain the Light in the marketplace. Here are Christian worldviews that will serve as seeds to redeem business minds for His glory.

Fill in the gaps
Business is a calling to provide solutions in a problem-filled world. When you sit and observe your surroundings, and you cannot help but follow the call of providing products and services of value, you receive what I call as an installed calling. This is the design of the Divine. This gives opportunities to people to reflect Him in this world.

You see a destitute world, deprived of something good, your keen eye sees it, your heart beats for it, and there is an eruption of desire in you to provide solution, you have the calling to Business. Man is to reflect His Creator by the way he works. Work is a form of worship.

The domain of your business is a realm where you strengthen and showcase your love for God, your customers, your staff and other people. You believe that business is the cry of your heart where you can put this love into practice.

Making Disciples
You see the business as an avenue to work with people on a daily basis. Your desire is not merely to give them good wages but become an instrument in molding a generation of business people. You recognize that God has given each one gifts where we could put into good use.

Whether in business or in any industry you are in, you have a desire to be a “salt” and “light” that would influence others towards Christ.

You realize that the Fall has cause great tragedies to the world’s systems, including business, leadership and governance. You understand that the only way for the world and the next generations to be saved is to uphold Biblical worldview, this is a way so that the Gospel and the Laws of God will have dominion over this dark world. It is a fulfillment of the prayer “Thy Kingdom come” (Matthew 6:10).

Here’s an exhaustive list about Biblical Business Worldview from Worldview Matters.

by Bryan Villarosa

by Bryan Villarosa

Bacolod City-based Marketing Services Provider | Licensed Financial Advisor

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