Nara Residences by Rockwell Land

Rockwell Land Bacolod at Night

Bacolod’s New Premium District with the signature Rockwell touch Whenever you step inside a property developed by Rockwell Land, you can be sure that excellent taste and superior quality are guaranteed. This is perfect for anyone who lives with the highest standards. Owners never regret having a piece of Rockwell. With spectacular sunrise views of […]

Megaworld Upper East: The Next Big Thing in Bacolod City

Upper East Megaworld Bacolod Aerial

Table of Contents Upper East Overview Since Bacolod’s charter year (1938), a lot of buildings have risen. But one giant chunk of land remained vacant, and that is now where Upper East is rising. It’s between the rising East and the established downtown/Burgos area. You’ll both enjoy the modern developments at the East and the […]

Mesavirre Garden Residences Lacson Bacolod

Mesavirre Bacolod Dec 2020 Update

MesaVirre Garden Residences Amenities Take that stress away and have a chill at MesaVirre’s superb amenities, in which kids and adults will surely love! Price per sqm comparison with other condos Project As of TCP Floor Area Floor Turn-over Price per sqm One Manhattan March 2021 4,837,081 33 (Studio) 3rd 2023 Q4 P146,578 Two Regis […]

VUL Insurance

VUL Variable Universal Unit Linked Life Insurance

VUL Insurance Definition, Benefits, Pros and Cons, vs Term Insurance, Sunlife Proposal, Calculator, Financial Needs Analysis

Don Salvador

Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental (DSB): How to Get There, Tourist Spots, Where to Stay, Maps, Cafe, Stone Peak…

Velmiro Granada Bacolod


Where is Velmiro Located? Features Amenities Message Me for Pricing or Details Ready to View or Reserve? Contact Me now 09088128227 / [email protected] Contact Form What are the Unit TYpes? Prices range P3,300,000 to P3,900,000 Price ranges P3,900,000 to P4,500,000 Felicity Prime prices range P2,800,000 to P3,200,000 Dara prices range from P2,700,000 to P3,200,000 Solas […]


any person who shall contract a second or subsequent marriage before the former marriage has been legally dissolved, or before the absent spouse has been declared presumptively dead by means of a judgment rendered in the proper proceedings. (Article 349 RPC) when a person contracts a second or subsequent marriage: while the previous marriage of […]

Transfer Title

Transferring land titles from seller’s name to buyer’s name has been part of my work as a real estate salesperson. In this blog, I share my practical experiences and insights to help you save time and avoid losses. I created this blog to remind myself, master the process, at the same time, help others who […]


Simple arson under section 1 of PD1613 with a punishment of prision mayor. Destructive arson under the new Article 320 of RPC as restored by RA 7659 (Sourced from destructive arson under section 2 of PD 1613 and Section 3 (Other cases of arson).  [Notable] Burning of inhabited house. Section 3 No. 2 of PD1613 and Art 320: […]


as defined in Article 8 of the Revised Penal Code: Agreed and decided to commit. Conspiracy exists when two or more persons come to an agreement concern the commission of a felony and decide to commit it. as defined in People v Akiran: Concurred and affirmed. If someone fully concurred in the criminal resolution and affirmed their […]

Circumstantial Evidence

Circumstantial evidence is defined as that evidence that “indirectly proves a fact in issue through an inference which the fact-finder draws from the evidence established. Resort thereto is essential when the lack of direct testimony would result in setting a felon free. (People v. Matito) Circumstantial Evidence is sanctioned by Rule 133, Section 5 of […]

Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax meaning – a final tax assessed on the presumed gain derived by citizens and resident aliens, as well as estates and trusts, from the sale or exchange of real property.1 Only natural persons or individuals are liable to the final capital gains tax but corporations are liable for ordinary income tax under […]

Criminal Negligence

Imprudence is an act of reckless imprudence, which, had it been intentional, would constitute a grave felony, less grave felony, or a light felony.Reckless imprudence voluntary but no malice doing or failing to do an act which caused material damage by reason of inexcusable lack of precaution on the part of the person performing or failing to perform such […]

Mala in se and Mala Prohibita

Mala in se Mala in se – are wrongful acts that have a certain degree or character of evilness. To prove mala in se, bad faith on the part of the offender must be proven. The absence of bad faith or dolo can be a defense. Mala in see crimes are punishable under both RPC […]

Classical Theory v. Positivist Theory of Criminal Law

Classical Theory Positivist Theory Criminal Liability Based on man’s free will to do good or evil Product of man’s socio-economic surroundings Remedy Adjudication or accountability for man to change his will Retribution and reformation to rejoin the society as a productive and spirited member Provisions of RPC Mostly based Some aspects (People v. Estrada, Joya […]

Personal Property and Theft (RPC)

Laurel v. Abrogar “Personal property” under the Revised Penal Code must be considered in tandem with the word “take” in the law. The statutory definition of “taking” and movable property indicates that, clearly, not all personal properties may be the proper subjects of theft. The general rule is that only movable properties which have physical […]