Cebu to Dumaguete



By Plane
1400 Economy Plane
  • Aircon, Steward, Water Closet
  • 55 Min. Travel
  • Instant


Ferry / By Sea
1650 Tourist Class
  • Cebu - Bohol - Dumaguete
  • Aircon, Television, Water Closet
  • 4 Hours Travel


Cebu to Dumaguete via Bus & Ferry
340 Regular Bus + Ferry
  • Step 1: Cebu to Liloan by Bus
  • Step 2: Liloan to Sibulan by Ferry
  • 6 Hours Travel


Campanario De Dumaguete

The Campanario De Dumaguete is a famous landmark of the city. Built in 1811, the watchtower was constructed to warn residents of the impending danger by Moro pirate attacks in search of slaves.The Dumaguete belfry was built among one of the four watchtowers of the town just right next to the Cathedral of St. Catherine of Alexandria along Perdices street fronting Rizal Park.

Twin Lakes Balinsasayao

Lake Balinsasayao derived its name from the native birds Balinsasayaw which have inhabited the lake and its surrounding forest for a very long time in the past. These birds are commonly known as Swiftlet and is source to the main ingredient of the world famous Nido Soup, a Chinese delicacy made from Swiflet nest woven using its saliva. Lake Danao on the other hand was named after the native Danao people who were settlers near the lake during the early times.

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