Cheap Gas Stations in Bacolod City

Here are cheap gas stations in Bacolod City that could save you money over the long period of time. 

With the price of oil fluctuating (if not inflating), I personally would prefer cheap local gas brokers than using “reward points” from national players- although I go to the big corporate when I prefer more quality and speed 

Yes these have only pesos per liter differences, but there is power in annualization and compounding.

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I used a Kawasaki motorbike for five years (2012-2017) but when I switched to a 4-wheeled mini car for safety and weather reasons, I began to be conscious of my gasoline expenses. 

Almost everyday, I travel to office or malls for my clients in Sun Life. (Answer this Form to get a free quotation for Insurance, Stock Market Investments and Health Critical Illness Coverage). Then, I began to identify which gasoline stations offer the cheapest prices here in the city. This list could grow through time:

1. Orient Fuel Alijis

Price Snapshot:

Oct 6, 2018: 
Special: 54.00
Unleaded: 53.25
Diesel: 45.60

Aug 12, 2018: 
Special: 49.95
Unleaded: 49.15
Diesel: 41.20


For discounts and inquiries, call 0917-556-2620

Orient Fuel is located along Alijis Road, Bacolod City. It is near the old airport situated near the Araneta-Alijis Roads. It is also near 711 in the Lacson Extension and Coffee Culture and Roastery.

This low-cost gasoline station is always lower by P4.00 to P6.00 per liter compared to gas stations in the downtown. 

In the same week, the gasoline station in the SM area is higher by P6.00 per liter than Orient Fuel, Alijis. This is my consistent observation.

It is understood, that those in the central area are more expensive because of nearness to crowd and higher competition. However, I saw that some in the outskirts, in Estefania for example, have the same higher price like the downtown’s.

2. LKB Villamonte

Price Capture:

Aug 12, 2018: 
Special: 50.95
Unleaded: 49.75
Diesel: 41.35

LKB Gasoline Station only has a difference of a peso or less than P1 per liter to Orient Fuel Gas Station. But if you are living near or along Burgos Street, East Area, Villamonte or Homesite, this is the best option.

This cost-saving gas station is located along Burgos Street, just the next block after BS Aquino – Burgos Crossing. Landmarks surrounding it are Chinese Temple, Tourist Inn and Art Dozen. Price is lower by P3.00 to P5.00 compared to the more famous gas brokers.


I heard that one of the gasoline stations was owned by Filipino group from Mindanao. This might be the reason for the lower prices. National or multi-national gas stations need to raise margins because of imports and branding, although it cannot be denied that the facilities are better. But I think we must also #supportlocal because it won’t just help our fellow Filipinos, but save some money for our other needs. 

As a Licensed Financial Advisor of Sun Life, my duty is not just to sell life insurance and wealth-accumulation instruments, but also help my clients create income streams and save money towards financial peace.

What are you cost-saving ideas when it comes to fuel? Where do you go for cheap gasoline in Bacolod? What are your tips and tricks? Just comment below.

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by Bryan Villarosa

by Bryan Villarosa

Bacolod City-based Marketing Services Provider | Licensed Financial Advisor

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