Covid-19 Test in Bacolod City

COVID-19 Tests are available in various medical facilities in Bacolod City at different prices and options. Below is a blog of my COVID-19 test experience to help others get tested and achieve a healthier community. Whether you need the test for travel, or just to know your status, this is for you.

1. Philippine Red Cross - Bacolod

Red Cross Bacolod offers two kinds of COVID-19 tests: (1) Saliva RT PCR Test and (2) Swab RT-PCR Test. The first one costs P2,000 and the second costs P3,800. My first experience with COVID-19 test is with Red Cross and I chose the saliva test. 

Here are the steps how to get tested in Red Cross:

1. Call Red cross for Appointment

At first, I texted the numbers but did not get a response. When I raised that before the volunteers, they said that one must call and not text, in order to set an appointment. Also, do not try to schedule using their Facebook Page and expect a response, because everything must be done through a call. Operators usually answer promptly.

You can also see the mobile numbers from their official campaigns, trucks, offices, and others.


  • 09177012393
  • 09189156191
  • 4349286
  • 4350324
  • 4322260

2. Choose a Time schedule

The operator will ask what day and time you would like to schedule your COVID test. Choose what is best for you. When I called, I was already outside the Red Cross office at 2 PM and they still offer the schedule right away which is 2PM. 

3. Fill-up the form in the Link

The operator will then send you a text message right away containing the link for the form.

The e-form looks like this. You must answer all the required information so that you can get your unique CODE.

4. Present the Retrieval Code to the Receptionist

This is what my Retrieval Code looks like. Present this at the entrance where there is a cashier or receptionist. Confirm the details and pay. 

  • Swab Test: P3,800
  • Saliva Test: P2,000

5. Pay at the cashier after choosing your method

Please note that you must present a valid ID.

6. Proceed to the area to collect the sample

Since I chose Saliva method, I only got this picture. I was given a small testube where the nurse said I need to fill until a certain point. There was also a plastic funnel that will catch my saliva. There are certain rules: I remember that there must not be much bubbles, it must not be rapidly forced to the point there will be food remnants or gum blood mixed with saliva, or else the sample will be void. 

Tissue and alcohol were provided for your safety. You must dispose the funnel to the bin by yourself. 

A bar code will be sticked to your designated tube and an identical copy to your valid ID. Do not lose this code because this will be asked when you retrieve for your results.

7. The results will be sent to your email

I got tested Sunday 2PM and I got the results Wednesday midnight around 11:50PM. To follow-up your result, you may call Red Cross using the telephone number 432-2260.

This is how the emailed certificate looks like
This is how the email looks like

Please note that only Red Cross, so far as the news I read, is allowed by the government to conduct saliva tests.

2. Riverside Hospital Molecular Lab

Before Red Cross, I also inquired from Riverside. Here is a text response from their official contact number regarding the amount, time, method, and venue of their COVID-19 test. I assume this is a swab test in light of my question.

I think what’s unique with Riverside is the drive through differentiation. I also receive text messages that they can go to your house for swabbing.

3. BAMC / Adventist Hospital

I asked a family member too if BAMC offers COVID-19 test and yes, BAMC does offer at a cost of P8,000. I assume this is a swab test in light of the price comparison.

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by Bryan Villarosa

by Bryan Villarosa

Bacolod City-based Marketing Services Provider | Licensed Financial Advisor

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