Don’t be afraid to take risk

Whenever there is an opportunity for growth and development, there is always a room for risk. In life, you need to embrace risks. You need to welcome them, face them and grow through them. You must be open to them because you always need to learn new things from time to time. Risk is a part of this fallen world, and so expect them. They will always come. In fact, the Lord uttered the very words to man after he fell to sin that “thorns and thistles shall the ground bring up to thee… ” So, expect thorns, expect discomforts.

When unfamiliar things come, there is always a possibility of failure, that’s risk. Risk breeds fear, and fear is not comfortable. Because life has so many unknown, life breeds many fears. To many people, it could be the fear of death, or the fear of being unheard, or rejected, or bankruptcy.

If you are in a new place, or you talk to a new person, or use a new tool, or start something new, there is the displeasure of being unfamiliar. But nevertheless, discomfort breeds experience, and experience overcomes more fear.

Fear is not something we always want to hang around in our world, we always want to be in our comfort zone. But although risk is not desirable, it is necessary. Risk always go with opportunities. Without taking those opportunities, there will be no room for growth.

Open up your heart, be a person who has a big heart. Open up, don’t be hypocritical but true. When opening up yourself, there is a risk of being vulnerable, of being rejected, or prone to be abused. When you try to love, there is a risk of not being loved again. But will these hinder you? Do you stop trying when unfavorable things arrive? Without facing the risk of being rejected, you will also not see the joy of being loved back. Without trying to go the extra mile for a person, or showing your concern, yes, you saved yourself from shame or rejection, but you missed the sweetest part of seeing the fruits of relationships. Without risking to leave, you were saved from many burdens, but you miss the beautiful sight during that trip. Without taking the risk, there will also be no possible way for you to see the better heights. Without the courage to lose sight of the shore, there will be no such thing as a discovery of new lands.

Although risk may lead to failure, it may also lead to success. And that success tastes better if you have been through the risk with others, and so you share the joy together, develop together and grow together.

The great example of placing so much a risk is Christ. He commended His love towards a sin-loving people, He gave Himself to a world who do not even seek Him, but still He manifested that love. He suffered for the evil which He did not do, He was crushed by God’s wrath for the sins he did not commit, in order to glorify His Father and to save a world who don’t even know Him, in fact, a people who even killed Him. And that’s us, we are a rebellious depraved humanity and we have a God who loves without condition, He gave without expectation.

It’s the same with life. You put up a business, or raise a child or speak a message, or learn a new sport, there is always a risk. There is a risk of sharing the message of the Bible, but still you keep on speaking because your eyes are fixed beyond a more glorious end. Nevertheless, you look beyond the possibility of failure and dwell your eyes to the pleasure and sweetness that it brings to your life. Face risks, and go through them. As you go, may you be like David who speaks to God and say, “I will fear no evil for Thou art with me.”

It makes the story exciting.

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by Bryan Villarosa

by Bryan Villarosa

Bacolod City-based Marketing Services Provider | Licensed Financial Advisor

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