Duyan Cafe in Silay: Behold Wonder, Drink Coffee, and Find Rest for Your Weary Soul

Find strength for your journey and let your weary soul find rest through multiple expressions of glory in Duyan Cafe Silay: The View, The Cool Air and Spots, The Food and The People. 

We visited this instagrammable cafe together with my East Homes Bacolod team last July 14, 2018.

Duyan Cafe Silay

Duyan Cafe

Who wouldn’t love the proximity of Duyan Cafe to the city? This relaxing cafe is only 30-40 minutes away from Bacolod via private car. It is much nearer if you are from Bacolod-Silay Airport.

Directions How to Get There

  • Commute
  • Private 
  • Motorbike
Directions to Duyan Cafe from Ruins, Bacolod

Option 1:

Here's how to get there via public transport

  • Take a jeepney ride to Ceres North Terminal. Preferably “Bata” jeep which you can take at SM, Lacson Street, Libertad (if you’re from south), Robinsons Place.
  • Ride any bus that’s headed to the north and will pass Silay City. Request the “konduktor” or driver that you’ll drop at Silay Public Market. 
  • Silay is around 30mins to 45 mins from Bacolod. Take Guimbala-on Jeepney/Canter at Silay Market. To be more specific, go down at Sitio Mansiginon.
  • Upon reaching that small sitio of Guimbala-on around 20 minutes uphill, you can hail a single motorcycle or tricycle or known as “habl-habl.”
  • Caution: But do not do this past 12 noon. Do it in the morning because going there after lunch while commuting may cause you to catch less public-utility vehicles (unless you have somewhere to sleep).
  • Traveling time could reach up to 1:30-2:00 hours from Bacolod proper.

Option 2:
Private Car/ Rent

For a more comfortable experience:

  • Hire a shuttle at Silay costing at P150 per person at a minimum of 5 pax (roundtrip). 
  • For overnight, P200 per person. The shuttle will fetch you the next day.
  • This is the best way if you go by groups. Using this option can cause you to have some side trips to Lantawan and different portions of Lantawan Area. 
  • As of this writing, I saw some rising mountain cafes and resorts there already. 
  • One has a theme of roosters and is named as Rooster Cafe.
  • Here are some Van for Rent in Bacolod
    • JG Travel & Tours
      • HiAce Commuter Van (2017)
      • Fully-airconditioned comfortable seats
      • 15-person capacity for pickup or drop-off 
      • (Disclosure: Owner is my friend) Joemarie A. Celoso (034) 476-84-17 
    • Southern Van Transport (Disclosure: Owner is my client.) Just contact 090881281227 and look for Van for Rent by Jerome.
  • We had our real estate teambuilding in Lantawan and we had a side trip to this renowned cafe just before we came back to the capital. We took a private vehicle and took the route that circumvents Bacolod-Silay airport.

Option 3:

Adventure = Bike

  • The adventurous and young-at-heart love motorcycles’ ease for transportation. 
  • This Lantawan area is a riders’ paradise. It gives you a taste of Negros because of the sugarcane fields along the way and the humble mountains you go towards to.
  • Numerous bikes and vehicles love the route to Duyan Cafe. 
  • Even sports cars are enjoying the curvy, winding and the scenic topographies.
  • Here’s a Bike for Rent in Bacolod

For private vehicles, travel time is around 30 to 40 minutes from Bacolod. Pass by the well-cemented and windy road while digesting some viewtamins or green sceneries along the way. 

If you look at the map of Negros, almost every town/city has a beachside and a mountainside (with the exception of some like Murcia, Isabela, DSB, etc). Silay is known as the airport city, but this side is already the mountain portion of the museum city/ Paris of Negros.

Road Signs: Along the way, you will see road signs made by Duyan Cafe reaching their place.

The moment you reach Lantawan, Barangay Guimbala-on, Silay, you would want to turn off your AC and let the cool air gush into your skin, into your lungs.

Our island. On the way, I appreciate again how this volcano island offers different ways tominister to its people. This is why I love my province- this 3rd largest Philippine island has the best of worlds: the facilities/convenience of the cities and the solitude of the towns; the warm breeze of the beach and the cold dews of the mountains. The work-life balance is simply within a gracious range. What more can you ask for?

Captivating views. It was my first time to visit this instagrammable destination. If you love to capture life in 4:5 frames or share create memories with the ones so dear, Duyan Cafe in Silay is a must try.

The first thing that captured our attention is the glorious display of the green slopes and cerulean horizon. If you have an anxious mind or a weary soul, going to a place that offers a breathtaking view that is not much isolated filled with people’s buzz might be good for you.

Duyan Cafe’s Cool Air and Spots

I think there’s a healing property to cool air. Once you get soaked in the humid and torrid climate for quite some time or you get aghast by the artificiality of the AC, soaking your lungs in the natural, oxygen-marinated air of Duyan Cafe might give you some uplifting. Strict Smoking Policy. I also noticed that they strictly implement the smoking-area policy to ensure the freshness of the air that the guests will breathe. If you inhale that air, you are confident that the travel you took is worth the effort. I saw one smoking area located on the uttermost right side, and the other one in the uttermost left side.

Duyan Open Hours and Days

Opening hours. And oh, before I forget. Please note that Duyan Cafe is only open from Wednesday to Sunday, 7am to 7PM, based in the very welcoming banner that they placed at the entrance. There’s no entrance fee. There are friendly signs along the road up or down, pointing you the direction and sharing some reminders. Parking. Duyan cafe parking is good. You can park on the roadside or at the front of the cafe itself. When it’s weekend I guess there are many people but you won’t reach a point that you park to a very far point of the road. I saw that they have some in-house “barkers” and civilian security, to give you peace of mind for your hard-earned investment.  Seats. I like how the owners arranged the seats for this picturesque cafe. There’s this left side if you want a big group (15-2) under a tree situated on an elevated land, overlooking the valley, the mountain, and the cottages. Inside the main cottage, you can have a pair of tables for less than 5. There are also tables for two on the veranda. There’s this bar where around 15-20 can take a seat and drink coffee that offers a breath-taking view. If you are afraid of heights, I suggest not to take these seats. For Pay Cottages. We took one of the cottages on the right side. These two cottages are for rent as I saw the sign. It’s 250 per hour and the counting starts when the food has arrived. One of the cottages has an attic-like room at the top where customers can enjoy awe towards the Creation and the Creator (Romans 1).

Duyan Cafe Meaning

Duyan is Hiligaynon for cradle but I think the better English term is hammock.

We use duyan when we were babies. This Filipino emblem ushers the spirit of family, intimacy and belongingness, an icon that connotes inclination to inexpensive materials. It’s a mark of our core values: a culture of commonality, kindred and openness- a trait that is predominant among Filipinos. 

A duyan encourages loitering in a positive way- a venerable Filipino behavior.  I see this schema patterned from the ancient tribes of Palawan in Puerto, from the modern barrios of Negros that I visited into, to the OFW’s abroad during their dayoff, and even up to the modern TV show I Can See Your Voice– the group communion and loitering is a cultural wonder- I think this is how we cope up for our survival, how we benefit from community and how we synergize as a tribe.  

Duyan is a tangible icon that ushers a state of timelessness where families and friends just gather, idly swing through time, and just converse about any intimate or fun topic under the sun, where we cherish each other poking fun and blushing over some topics.

This piece can be hanged anytime and anywhere and figuratively signifies the temporary nature of life- the fleeting moments of time (James 4:14) and the treasure to hold on to precious ones. A duyan is commonly made from pieces of  organic and durable materials like rattan or durable materials, woven together with swinging ends. Some modern duyans could be made with plastic, parachute or army-grade materials. 

Modern Duyan. I like the trend how Filipino millennials and entrepreneurs use local terminologies for businesses- a noble trend. We should #supportlocal, support our heritage, and be proud of our own because Biblically, I believe that every culture will have their own unique glory to be offered someday before the grand throne of glory- each one is different and unique but good and true, but each one has their own renditions of what is beautiful.

It’s obvious: the Cafe is themed after hanging hammocks furnishing as decors made with durable and locally-sourced native materials.

The People There

The staff is hospitable and attentive. We requested some food arrangements and information for the cottage we would rent, and they promptly guided us along the way.

The cashier/counter operator confidently manages the orders as I saw her in-charge of the laptop where orders are encoded. I think the ordering system is very competent, making the system efficient and the waiting time lesser. This makes your stay more enjoyable and you can have more moments to bond and breathe-in inspiration. Since we are the city of Smiles and the Sugar Capital, we must live that name for our guests.

The guests. I think you can meet people from all walks of life in this cafe. I’m surprised to hear cebuano/bisaya-speaking folks, tagalog/Filipino, and some Ilocano accents. I saw bike/riders and big families coming in vans.

The coffee buzz is real in this place, but with the cool air and views, this place becomes a warm area for the community. If you travel alone, I think you can meet other like-minded people who are fond of traveling and of course, who can separate us from the love of coffee + Instagram?


Duyan Cafe in Silay will make your Bacolod/Negros experience memorable. Investing time and effort to be here will surely expand your knowledge of our island, our culture, and our food. Build memories with your loved ones and meet new friends and for sure, you will have more reasons to smile.

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by Bryan Villarosa

by Bryan Villarosa

Bacolod City-based Marketing Services Provider | Licensed Financial Advisor

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