Facebook vs. Website

When you post to Facebook, there are people who respond immediately by likes or comments. It takes less time, less effort, but faster results.

When you use twitter, you could not expect as much response as Facebook does, unless you’re that magnanimously famous Hollywood or Silicon star. At least these trends are what I am always experiencing in my social media channels.

Does this mean that Facebook delivers more efficient results for your business or personal promotion endeavors? Despite of its much popularity, much still need to consider the value of a website.

Your FB page is only relevant as to the extent of the likers. But for the non-likers, you’re not mostly connected to the rest of them. FB posts tend to bury themselves under the repositories of digital diaries and right-sidebar timeline categories. And when the work you have produced for a time of your life is stuck, it seems you’re stuck as well.

Don’t waste that much of your life. Consider efficiency. If you love to write and if your work is related to information management, take the steps towards putting your work into digital display.

Make a website. Develop your expertise along the way. Grow your work. Secure a back-up copy. Make your every post an opportunity to re-awakened visitors.

In a website, more activities could also be done within its pages.

You could use CSS to hide the dates on your posts, making every piece of your work “dateless” where it gives fresh feel to readers.

Don’t get stuck with Facebook. Start mastering skills on the other potential tools. Look beyond. Keep learning. Promote yourself or work to the world and let them know the service you could give.

Make a digital representation of yourself not just in Facebook but in the public domain itself. It could serve as your promotional tool for work, or a business-card sort-of function.

Do it with consistency. It will be worth it.

by Bryan Villarosa

by Bryan Villarosa

Bacolod City-based Marketing Services Provider | Licensed Financial Advisor

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