Here’s a form that will help you determine the goals you would reach so you can prepare financial milestones for the future.

This will help you determine your financial life’s “total needs” that will consider your current resources, present and future income, investments, interest rates, return and yields and life’s realities.

I will then send you a PDF containing recommended targets so you can prepare ahead for your goals/ uncertainties like your child’s education, hospitalization, retirement, life’s milestones and uncertainties.

Please note that I used SunLife’s FNA as reference in this form but I used rearrangements, own words and different system. If you will receive no response from me within 2 days, kindly follow-up so I can make you one.

I am working with Sun Life as a Financial Advisor which has been in the insurance industry for 124 years (and counting) here in the Philippines alone.

Our main advocacy is to help filipinos achieve financial security and most importantly, income protection. If you want to know more about what Sun Life can offer, please do not hesitate to contact me here in Facebook or txt me.

Your Lifetime Partner,
Bryan Villarosa

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Risk Profile Chart

If you  want to know your risk-appetite, and the best fund allocation for you, you can answer the form below by selecting your answers and total the corresponding score.

A B C 
Number of years you plan to put the money to investment instrument
Your attitude towards investing, and the level of risk or volatility (the ups and downs of investment instruments) you can take
Consider your regular expenses, your ability to pay your loans and emergency funds
More than 15 years4Seeks growth of money. Fully accepts volatility and is very okay with ups and downs just to ensure higher returns over the long term4Can meet emergency expenses without withdrawing these funds4
Between 11-15 years3Comfortable with up and down fluctuations of the market and prepared to do so even it goes down more than 50%3If an emergency situation will arise, I may withdraw these funds3
Between 5-10 years2Comfortable with volatile happenings but prepared for my money even it goes down not more than 50%2I won’t need this money for now. I’ll put it in an investment but this may change2
5 years and below*1Just want to preserve the money and prefer to gain stable returns rather than seeing fluctuations*1Need to supplement my income with this investment*1
*may not be suitable for VUL
10 – 12Aggressive or Growth-Oriented70% or more✔︎ Equity / Growth Fund
✔︎ Index Fund
✔︎ Growth Plus Fund
✔︎ Others: _____________ (contact Bryan)
7 – 9Moderate30% – 70%✔︎ Balanced / Opportunity Fund
✔︎ My Future Fund
✔︎ Others: _____________ (contact Bryan)
3-6ConservativeLess than 30%✔︎ Bond
✔︎ Money Market Fund
✔︎ Others: _____________ (contact Bryan)

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