When man stops being creative, he opposes his own nature. Why? Because God Himself is creative and He replicated that attribute to man. God is the author of creativity. He is the Author and Originator of beauty, and Genesis 1 narrates that image-replication process.

When God made man “in his own image,” man possessed the image of being creative like his Maker. Man seeks and develops good things, nice places, nice foods, nice clothes, et cetera. Man seeks beautiful things because of his inherited nature from God.

Man is also to become a “creator.” Can man create something? No we cannot create matter, but we can create many other things, like art.

God created out of nothing, but man can create out of the elements around him – this is art. From pixels, to pastels, stone cuts, words, letters, resources, relationships, man can use these to create his “creation.”

Now, go and create something. Create art, books, preachings, businesses, sermons, architectures, paintings, programs, graphics, designs, experiences, basketball plays, sports moves, relationships, courses, ideas and million other ‘creatable’ things for the glory of God. If you stop being an artist, you stop being human, you stop living the divine inheritance in you.

Christ cannot only save you from hell, but He can save you from a wasted, sinful, “colorless” life.

Unleash your creativity. Discover the artist in you. Minister to the world through your art, let your light so shine, so they will glorify your Father in heaven.

6 thoughts on “Go and create”

  1. Hi Bryan!

    What a nice and inspirational post on striving for creativity! The will to create definitely becomes more meaningful when given a worthwhile purpose.

    Don’t stop creating blog post! 😀


  2. My atheist college professor in the arts (whom i really admire for his being an all-around artist) made a remark that Protestant churches are among the most boring churches in the world because art has no place in these churches. As someone who appreciates the arts, I was silent yet I was totally opposing in my mind the comment he made. God is an artist in Himself and we are artists as well. It’s not evil to create works of art however let’s not think that the Arts is an end in itself…it is only a means to glorify our Creator the Greatest Artist of all. Thanks for your blog posts pastor.

  3. Thanks for the encouragements. Let us continually create great things and replicate the image of our Creator. In fact, I was thinking to develop this idea into something longer. I have been contemplating about it for months. To anonymous it has been a while since we had some answers to those who oppose, let us continue to defend the faith with meekness and fear.

  4. Try reading Al Wolters “Creation Regained”, Read Michael E. Wittmer “Heaven is a place on Earth”. Read Abraham Kuyper also. This idea will be realized as a sound biblical doctrine. How I wish we could talk about this, one of this time. How about visiting here in Baguio again for a time bro. Do some short time mission with CBF Baguio, then we can also work together developing this idea.
    Try familiarizing yourself with the Cultural/Creation Mandate. I have also been working with this thought for many months now. I did wrote a paper about this (for my Worldview class with ABTS), the Great Commission Mandate’s connection with the Cultural Mandate. One of the most revolutionary thoughts I have encountered.

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