Critical Illness Health Protection Insurance in the Philippines

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Invest in your health.

Health-related concerns are realities that can come any moment. Filipinos need to make preparations as early in life before it’s too late. Sun Fit and Well offers a holistic solution to your health needs. It is the New Generation Wellness Product that has been well-suited to the needs of modern society. Sun Fit and Well is offered by Sun Life of Canada, Philippines Inc.

About Sun Life

Sun Life was brought to the Philippines on 1895 by a British trading firm, H.J. Andrews and Co. Sun Life has been existing here for more than 120 years.  Our roots trace back to Canada, where Sun Life was founded more than 150 years ago. Since then, we have expanded throughout the globe, guided by our focus on the humanitarian ideals and benefits of life insurance. Sun Life survived World War 2 and even fulfilled its promise to its clients. At the end of the war, Sun Life Philippines paid a total of US$2.175 Million worth of death claims, matured endowment settlements, and cash surrender value to its surviving clients- which only shows how Sun Life is committed in protecting the future of Filipinos.

The Problem We Face

We are facing the risk of financial expenses brought by Critical Illnesses. What if an unexpected illness comes knocking at your door? Are you prepared? Will your savings be wiped-out when a long-term hospitalization comes? Will you go to debt?

Benefits of Getting Sun Fit and Well Health Insurance

-Gives your family income protection in case loss of life of the breadwinner -Protects you financially from critical expenses until age 100 -Financial peace of mind -Protects you from sinking into debt when critical illness comes

The cost of premiums primarily depends on these factors:

1. Age 2. Face Amount 3. Smoker / Non-Smoker 4. Payment Years The younger you sign-up, the lower will the premiums be.

Three Payment Modes:

1. 10 year 2. 15 year 3. 20 year

Premium Payments Overview

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Here’s a sample actual proposal of the most complete Sun Fit and Well Advantage: Sun Fit and Well Advantage Proposal Minimum Coverage _ Bryan_ Invest PH
  Among the three types, Advantage is the most comprehensive. Here’s an overview of the benefits of Sun Fit and Well Advantage: 1. Major Critical Illness: 100% of the Face Amount 2. Minor Critical Illness: 20% of the Face Amount 3. Specific Cancer Booster: 50% of the Face Amount 4. Guaranteed Cash Benefit (Dividends/ Anticipated Endowment) 5. Daily Hospital Income 6. Post Hospitalization Benefit 7. Home Recovery Benefit 8. Palliative Care Benefit 9. Access to Wellness Programs that Help You Proactively Maintain your Health. 10. Life Insurance Protection Below is a case scenario for the sample life of John Jr.  Fill-up the form below to get a proposal. Or answer my Financial Needs Analysis form to get a a complete Financial Needs recommendation.

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