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Digital marketing is a prime key for businesses and professionals to thrive in this day and age. Whether to respond to pandemic, increase more leads, or shorten sales cycle, working with a digital marketing specialist can save you from hundreds of headaches. 

I’m Bryan Villarosa, a licensed realtor and registered marketing professional since 2010. I provide marketing services to the following verticals:

  • Real Estate
  • Investment Instruments/Life Insurance
  • Software & Technology
  • Travel & Transportation

I am also a law student, and have secured trainings and diplomas from HarvardX, HubSpot Academy, and CodeAcademy. My local schools are NOHS, LCC-B, DBBI, and units from Cornerstone University.

Values: Sound Financial Stewardship, Pursuit of Happiness & Good Relationships

at PRC in Pasay during our Oath-Taking

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Bacolod City Condos

Condos For Sale Here in Bacolod As a licensed realtor under PRC, here are the condos I sell in Bacolod City. These can be preselling

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Real Estate

Real Estate can dramatically impact your financials if you work with a good advisor: It can grow your income, create streams of passive income, appreciate your savings, save you from rental discomforts or unwanted evictions and more.

Real Estate can also give you time freedom if you start today. There will come a time that you cannot afford to work, such as retirement, disability, or devotion, but real estate can cause you to go anywhere while receiving support for you day to day expenses.

Whether you’re an OFW looking for a house for your family, or a foreigner looking for condos through the internet, or a property owner wanting to sell your lot, I can help you find your next property or your buyers. I also secured myself with a PRC and HLURB license to give you more confidence with real estate decisions. As a law student, I work with lawyers and brokers to give you confidence on contracts. You just don’t trust anyone you found in Facebook last Saturday night. I can advice you concerning purchasing, document processing, financing, or selling properties. 

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Bacolod City Properties

Bacolod City is a promising destination for retirees and investors. It’s a not-so-congested city inside a very promising island with promising future developments. I can help you invest in a fitting property from Bacolod City Condos, East Homes Bacolod, and General Brokerage. 

Busuanga/Coron Lots

Busuanga is famous for its pristine limestone formations in the famous Coron towne. I market lots in Cambaya & Ocam-Ocam, 1.5 hours away from airport & Coron. Learn more.

Charlotte Fountain Grove Megaworld Bacolod

Sell Your Property

Wanting to sell your property? You need the services of licensed professionals who can properly market and process. You just need to agree on government-mandated terms and taxes.


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Online Marketing Services

Digital is the new way of promoting – it’s no longer all about papers, magazines or brochures. You must invest in foundational internet marketing institutions such as websites, emails, CRM, social media so you won’t be left behind. If you are afraid to innovate, look at what happened to Kodak, Nokia (early 2010’s), Friendster, MySpace, and Blackberry. There are thousands of ways to incorporate digital solutions but you don’t need to waste time exploring thousands of options if you will work with someone who has spent most of his working hours learning them. 

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Website Development

Don’t just settle for that website developer because it’s cheap and only costs cents! Quality comes with price, and you don’t measure services by prices but by ROI. After 10 years of testing and trying website tools for businesses, working with someone who has a good grasp of what works better is better. See how your business can grow through digital solutions.

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Content Marketing

Before your customers will entrust you with their precious mobile number, name, or email, they would assess your authority first and investigate if you are “legit.” To prove your authenticity, use business email (not that one ending in, but ending at your domain ( Build uniquely valuable content and build your social currency. This is content marketing.

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Having a free website does not automatically mean getting new leads. You have to make sure that Google loves it so you will rank on certain search queries. You also need to enhance core web elements. As I said, cheaper doesn’t mean better. Consider technical stuff, speed, (new) core web vitals, engagement, responsiveness, and more factors so you can gain fresh leads. You want people to find you through search (SEO) or else your website doesn’t serve any much purpose.


As a licensed financial advisor, I spend my time learning fundamentals of finance so you can achieve your financial needs and goals. What are these goals? The most common are: (1) Insuring the breadwinner so the dependents won’t suffer great setback incase of loss of life or permanent disability, (2) Insuring your health so you won’t get buried in debt or fall to deep stress when a critical illness or long-term hospitalization sets in, (3) Grow money that you can set aside regularly to certain instruments so you can achieve your future financial goals such as a car, a house, your junior’s college tuition, or retirement fund when you can no longer earn. Instead of putting it in Shopee or Amazon (pun intended) or savings account which even loses through inflation, consider taking the “risk” of growing them. We can’t escape risk. CS Lewis said that even to love at all is a risk.

Life Insurance Calculator in the Philippines

Life Insurance

Life insurance is essentially about caring for your dependent loved ones. It could be your baby, your toddler, your ageing parents, or someone relying on you. It is appointed unto man once to die (Hebrews), and Life Insurance is about being there financially once you’re no longer.



“Go to the ant you sluggard, consider her ways and be wise.” – King Solomon. A wise person prepares when there is bounty, so he can survive when rainy days come. Hustling, saving & investing are the solid ways to attain honest financial freedom.

Remote or Work From Home Jobs in the Philippines

Online Jobs Consulting

You ask, “how can I invest or insure if I have nothing?” The answer is — work. I was a working student until I graduated college. Washing thousands dishes for my college tuition taught me that work is sacred, and a plus bonus to graduate Magna. If the pandemic concerns you, I or other channels have a number of Youtube videos and blogs where you can start.

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