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Mambukal and Campuestohan are two top mountain resorts you need to visit if you are in for nature in Negros Occidental. 

The two are located in separated locations and neither of them are actually or officially in Bacolod City

However, you have to travel through Bacolod for now to go from one to another. 

Travelling from one to another is very easy.


By Commute from Mambukal to Bangga Corry Bacolod... Campuestohan

If you’re from Mambukal, take the “double tire” (a big version of jeepney where the tires are double at the back- It’s a hybrid of a bus and jeep) It leaves as early as 6AM from Mambukal (cos I have tried this twice).

You’ll pass through the municipality of Murcia proper, then Mansilingan (Bacolod). Tell the driver to drop you off at “Bangga Corry” (it’s a hard a).

Go down at the crossing the Total Gas Station (see map below). Bangga Corry is a general crossing in Bacolod where Carlos Hilado Highway or the first Circumferential Road intersect. Take a tricycle there and go down at Caltex in Lopues East.

MAMBUKAL TO CAMPUESTOHAN: At the right side are the tricycles at Bangga Cory where you can ride. Ask the driver to drop you to Campuestohan "Paradahan" at Caltex Lopues East. P10 if you ride with hours. Around P50 if you occupy the whole tricycle .

By Commute from Caltex Lopues East to Campuestohan

Take the big Sarao Jeep of Campuestohan or any of the officially-assigned vehicle that travels by schedule to Campuestohan. 

From Bacolod Proper (Lopues East)From Campuestohan ResortFare
7:00am (first trip)70 Pesos
(Jan 8, 2019 update)
8:00am8:00am (first trip)70 Pesos
(Jan 8, 2019 update)
9:00am9:00am70 Pesos
(Jan 8, 2019 update)
10:00am10:00am70 Pesos
(Jan 8, 2019 update)
11:00am11:00am70 Pesos
(Jan 8, 2019 update)
1pm1pm70 Pesos
(Jan 8, 2019 update)
2:00pm2:00pm70 Pesos
(Jan 8, 2019 update)
3pm (last trip)3pm70 Pesos
(Jan 8, 2019 update)
4:00pm70 Pesos
(Jan 8, 2019 update)
5:00pm (last trip)70 Pesos
(Jan 8, 2019 update)
Bonita HutP2,500-max of 4 persons
-free entrance for 4 persons
Log Cabin Rooms
(Good for 3 Persons)
P3,000 -free entrance and breakfast for 3 persons, maximum of 6
Log Cabin Rooms
(Good for 4 Persons)
P4,000-free entrance and breakfast for 4 persons, maximum of 8
Log Cabin Rooms
(Good for 5 Persons)
P5,000-free entrance and breakfast for 5 persons, maximum of 10
King Kong RoomP6,000-free entrance and breakfast for 6 persons. -airconditioned, loft type

Stay near Campuestohan

Melbas Farm

You can stay near Campuestohan after you have enjoyed the rides and amenities there. 


Campuestohan to Mambukal

Basically you have to take the Sarao Jeepneys of Campuestohan or  independent private vans to Caltex Lopues East. 

I won’t recommend taking the tricycle from Caltex to Bangga Corry because the Double Tires there to Mambukal will most likely be full and  you may have to stand until Murcia. 

I suggest you  to take a Fortune Towne Jeep to Bangga Patyo. Then take Shopping Libertad jeep to Libertad Market. Then walk to paradahan Mambukal (in front of Save More Libertad or Bagsakan) where you can have a comfortable seat as you  await other passengers. 

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