It does not matter if someone is reading it, what matters is the humility in writing it, the meta-cognition development of what you want to say.

You are missing a lot if you still don’t have a blog/ website. If you still don’t see its importance today, sooner or later you will. Start now before it’s too late.

It’s crucial that you write what you think will help. You are a reservoir of unique experiences, talents, education and styles. You help the world commit lesser mistakes and do better work when you blog. Basically, you are doing it for yourself.- Seth Godin

Blogging also develops you personally and professionally. You think as you write, thus, giving you the ability to organize what you really want to say.

For your calling/ job, It gives you the opportunity to publish and be known. Your skills were given to you because others need it, and they need to know- blogging is one big way.

It’s actually one of the most powerful marketing tools, as potent as the word of mouth.

Blogging allows you to build a network. Slowly, you can join a group of mutual interests, thus enabling you to move forward. It saves you time as people will begin discovering you and may come to you for some work partnerships.

Here’s Seth Godin and Tom Peters recommending you to blog. When two masters say something, do it.

I recommend that you start with Register and study its dashboard. When time comes that you are ready and confident, try the self-hosted blog. You can use my affiliate Hostgator link to buy your hosting service.

Blogging is basically free. You are missing a lot if you don’t.

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