Sound financial literacy and wisdom is my dream for every Filipino and the rest of the nations.

“Teach them all things”
I take this as a personal mission from my Master when he said, “Teach [the nations] all things whatsoever I have commanded you” (Matthew 28:20).

This phrase all things includes teaching people all the truth about all of life, and that includes wealth and money.

Wealth has a big part in the accomplishment of God’s Will on earth and the achievement of man’s calling of dominion. How do we view it from our Creator’s perspective? How do we build it?

Some personal sharing
As a person who grew up in a poverty-stricken decade of 90’s in a certain city of the Philippines, I have this always in my heart to serve my people in the realm of Biblical Financial and holistic living.

Back in the 90’s when I was very young, I wish I have been exposed to the seeds of sound financial and life strategies. But the next best time to start is now, for me and you.

The future of our nation and the mindset of the next generation depends on how we train and disciple ourselves and others in the different aspects of life, leadership and wealth-building.

Here are my investment suggestions for you:

1. Stock Market Recommendations: If you have stocks, click on my affiliate image below to gain insights on which stocks to buy. This will save you losses. As an offer, I will give you 20% of my affiliate commission if you use my link.

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2. Start building your website site(s): One as a portfolio-type, and the other one as a fulfillment of your community calling.

Portfolio Website: If you have a day job, start building your portfolio site. This will contain your skills, experiences and competencies. This will help you build an identity to your field of expertise. Yes, you also have to develop your profile in third-party profile sites like LinkedIn or Kalibrr (for Filipino professionals).

Calling Website:
Build this site if you have set aside your free time and have determined what you really love to do to help others. Place here what causes you are pushing for, ideas that you want to see in the world around. What contributions will you leave to the world? What legacy is your heartbeat shouting to build? Take care of the community you will build here. Have this goal in preparation of your retirement.

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Investing is a discipline. A person who disciples himself for regular investing reflects a higher-mindset: future-preparedness. He is like an ant who is not lazy in times of abundance that when rainy season comes, he is prepared (Proverbs 6:6; 30:25) . This mindset reflect the spirit of a Hero, the spirit of a Higher Civilization.

Investing is crucial for building long-term and genuine wealth, both in the individual and national level. It takes pains and sacrifices, but the fruits are rewarding. But before investments come, there must be savings: Savings equal investments.

Make it steady
Make it easy for you to grow your savings. You can apply for an auto-debit feature to your savings account. Let it transfer to another account slowly and regularly, month by month, year by year until it all piles up. It’s the consistency that counts, not the abruptness of your decision or hasty move.

The “slowness” will allow you to enjoy the rest of the events of gaining wealth like spending time with self, friends and loved ones. No need to rush things and miss the simple joys of life.

Some cautions
Be wary of the warning “Do not be hasty to get rich” (Proverbs 28:2), we will end up in punishment if we are too envious to be rich. Also, not to worry too much of tomorrow (Matthew 6:34).

If you are still starting, find ways to increase you cashflow. If you are a student, start discovering your core skills and competencies. Do it with a long-term mindset.

Auto-debit programs
I am in-favor of monthly-deduction programs or income-savings mindset. Talk to your bank account about Auto-Transfer feature. Have your employer or spouse deduct immediately from your paycheck before it goes somewhere else. Put it somewhere else, as that grows through time, put it in an investment instrument that suits you.

Supporting the church
Most of all, don’t forget to bring back the Tithes to the church. It is why you gained it at the first place. Supporting and growing the people of God is the very thing why He prospers us.

Some personal sharing (part 2)
If you are defeated by the Goliaths of poverty, financial woes, short-sightedness and many personal finance problems, I believe in a weapon that can defeat those monstrous giants. I believe in a Sword- the Bible.

I have been defeated by many monsters in my life, I am trampled many times by my sins and weaknesses, but my Friend continually pulls me up and comfort me and strengthens me to fight again. Let me share this weapons with you through this blog and together let us fight until the end. “Fear not” says the Master, for He is with those who love Him.

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