It’s hard to kick against the pricks

This phrase struck me most as I read Paul’s Conversion in Acts 9:5. Isn’t it true that when we go against God, it is like kicking the strongest prick of the universe?

It all made sense when I understood that prick means thorn. God is never the negative implication of thorn, but His righteous character can cause us to suffer greatly when we go against Him and His Word.

Just like a thorn, it is harmless when you don’t kick against it, but when you do, it could turn to your greatest nightmare. The greatest thorn of the universe is none other God Himself. Mess up with Him and you are in big trouble. In fact, we already did when we sinned. Since the fall of our race, we have been in this loop of misery, but in His grace, He continues to postpone our rightful consequences.

If we find our self in willful rebellion against God, who is the loser? If sin is our master, who is the abused slave? Certainly, we are miserable in sin, unless the Lord is our Master.

Looking at our world right now, we cannot deny that the very reason we are hurting ourselves is because we are going against the Creator Himself. Our actions and transgressions cause us pains which ultimately leads to death. To go against God is to hurt oneself. What we do to others, we also do to ours.

This is also the case for Paul. In a twinkling of an eye, he suddenly realized he was going against the Person whom he thought he was serving. He was going against God Himself.

Do you also find yourself in the same situation? How painful is it to kick against the thorns? Was there a time you thought you are okay and suddenly a great repentance transpired in your heart? Do you find yourself surrendering from your rebellion? Are you also “kicking against the pricks?”

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by Bryan Villarosa

by Bryan Villarosa

Bacolod City-based Marketing Services Provider | Licensed Financial Advisor

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