Jose Rizal: Fallen Systems, Rebellion and Victory

Bryan Villarosa Blog Jose RizalJose Rizal rebelled against the prevailing system of his day because he knew what’s wrong.

He was exposed to the protestant reformation in Europe and its ideals when he stayed with a protestant pastor in Protestant Germany (although some argue that Rizal’s religious affiliation was ecumenical-Catholic).

I believe that heroism sprung up from Rizal because of the Biblical seeds implanted in His heart. The Spirit fanned the flames of his courage.

He knew that rebellion against Spain would bring him to the grave but he paid the price even it cost him his life.

Death did not kill his dreams. What he fought for lived beyond the grave. His beliefs ushered freedom to many.

Fear surely have visited him but hope prevailed. Hope was stronger. Hope gave him power to march toward death.

Although rebellion against God-ordained governments is not a biblical recommendation, Rizal shares lots of similarities with another hero, Christ.

300x250-light@2xThey both gave up their lives for something bigger than themselves.

They both rebelled against a broken system- a system of darkness, emptiness and meaninglessness. A system marred by our own faults.

They did not use the sword. They used words and passionately unleashed them throughout their lives.

Rizal wrote, Christ spoke. Rizal freed men from foreign oppression, Christ freed men from the bondage of sin.

Is your world fallen? Are you engulfed in a broken system? What makes you cry out to move? Go and make things happen.

Live a life fighting the broken system, be wise as serpent but harmless as dove.

Fight the right battles with the right weapons, let not fear trap you in a vicious cycle of bondage.
We have great examples to imitate. They show us the way on how to live and die meaningfully.


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by Bryan Villarosa

by Bryan Villarosa

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