Kampana café bacolod: iconic castle-turned-cafe

Kampana Cafe

Kampana Café is an iconic, roadside and castle-designed residence turned cafe located at Murcia Road, Bacolod City. It’s very easy to get there. Opening times are 10am to 7pm and entrance P50.

Kampana Café has a ‘Game of Thrones’ – like environment, a family-friendly garden, a cafe that serves rice meals and snacks and access to the castle  and a pond. Currently, the 2nd to the highest part of the castle is open to the public. (The highest is the prayer room).

The cafe is a new addition to the many reasons to smile in Bacolod City!

Bacolod Kampana Cafe

The Café is inside the castle grounds, so you have a view of the garden and the main Castle itself while sipping coffee or having a meal. “We thought it best to retain the inside of the main Castle as is so you and everyone else can see how it truly looks! However, you too have a choice of taking a tour in the Castle.” –said by the management to me.

This Castle was built by Don Esteban Guanzon starting from 1970 and was finished on 1977. He owned the lands and even does even until today, from the portion of Mansilingan which is now CocaCola plant to the lands extending up to the border Murcia/Tanduay Factory. Up to this day, the saying “akin ang lupain hanggang sa maaabot ng iyong mata” (the lands as far as your eyes can see are mine), is still true because when you rise up to this top of this castle, the lands that you will  be able to see are still mostly owned by the Kampana owner/family. He had 2 daughters, one became a nun. He had an adopted son and became a pastor, according to our tour guide. 

Don Guanzon was fond of reading medieval books in his introductory years, thus the inspiration for the architecture. They are  of Spanish origins and have migrated to this  part of Negros Island ever since and could have probably adopted this idea from the influences of Spain in the colonial era.

The first house that they have was structure which now houses the restaurant. And when the castle was built, they transferred, and the helpers were now on their previous house. 

One interesting part of the castle was the second to the highest part of the house which served as the bathroom and toilet of the owner, and in this part of the castle, he is able to oversee his lands and his workers working from afar. (see pic below)

The cafe invites many people to satisfy their curiosity since a lot have seen this castle for decades but are curious of what’s is inside. When I was a child, I’ve always wondered about this castle too since I pass by here from my hometown to school.

Kampana Cafe soft-opened their “gates” to the outside world last December 22, 2018.

How to get to kampana cafe

By Commute:
Murcia Jeep. Look for Murcia Paradahan / Terminal near Bakers Libertad. You can also find “strikers” at Corner Lizares-Libertad, Police Station 6 or Bangga Cory. 

Mambukal Jeep. From any point in Bacolod City, just get to Libertad Market and look for the Paradahan Mambukal in front of Save More Libertad. Mambukal Jeepneys are usually bigger, truck-like and 10-wheelers and they have it almost filled with people at the terminal. 

Tell the driver you’ll go down at Kampana Cafe near Guanzon Cockpit Arena. After passing Coca-Cola Plant, the cafe will be 1.8km away at the left side.

By Private Vehicle:

  • Get to Coca-Cola Plant either via Alijis Road or via Mansilingan/Libertad road.
  • From Coca-Cola, go straight ahead, 1.8km away, watch out at your left-side and Kampana Cafe gates and castle will be visible. Lanmark at the further right is the Guanzon Cockpit Arena.



ENTRANCE CAfe kampana cafe

  • Entrance Fee is P50 which gives you access to the garden and the castle. Convertible to food if you access the restaurant.
  • Free entrance fee is you order at the restaurant worth P200 and above.

Food menu

  • Chicken Satay. Must try! 

Photos by Blogger Lagawander

Contacts of Kampana Cafe

Message them through the infos below.

Telephone Number: No Official Yet

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by Bryan Villarosa

by Bryan Villarosa

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