Know the Difference between Your Job and Calling

Your job and calling are two different things, but there are people who have them as one. Not all callings cause you to earn, that’s why you need a job.

Here in the Philippines, majority of us tend to merge the two as one. As a service-oriented labor and consumer-driven market, we tend to live our whole lives doing our jobs without taking prudent thought on our callings.

Here’s how the two differs: A job puts food on the table and pay your bills. A calling is the very purpose of your existence.

For your calling, you develop skills and competencies; for calling, you grow in conviction over time.

Jesus’ job was different from his calling. His source of living depended on his work as a carpenter/mason. For 30 years, he pursued this job, and then left to follow his calling.

A job is the product of your studies and training, you may have dreamt for it or found it as the only option you have.

Calling is the thing that’s already been there since you were conceived. It’s what shakes you, moves you and makes you feel the rush of being alive. It gives you a sense of meaning and purpose and attachment.

It takes a course or university to arrive to a job, but it takes decades for some people to know the specific answers to their specific calling, and that includes me. Calling includes but not limited to one’s skills, temperaments and education.

“Calling is the beat of your heart. It drives you. It moves you. It makes others glad. It brings light to others, and makes you feel at home.”

Some people have their calling and job as one. For example, teachers impassioned by that calling are also paid for it as their job. Painters, musician, sports athletes, pastors and much more. Others work on their jobs to reach their goal of seeing themselves in their true calling.

Socrates is known for being one of the greatest of all time. His calling and mission revolved around the realm of Philosophy. It drove his life and gave him sense of purpose. But what was his job? His day job? Only few people know: he was a stonemason.

The Apostle Paul had a world-changing calling. It came from Christ. His calling (or mission) was to be the Apostle to the Gentiles. His philosophies changed Europe and the rest of the world, and it keeps on changing people until now. But what was his job? He was a tentmaker. Paul had a calling but pursued his job to fund his calling.

Peter, while working on his day job, met Jesus and became his disciple. He left his job and went under Jesus’ training for 3 years. When Jesus died, Peter was tempted and went back to his job. But after Jesus’ resurrection, Peter was ever more convinced of his calling.

Jesus, Peter and Socrates left their day jobs for the sake of their calling. While Paul stayed and maintained his craft in order to pay for the needs of his calling.

Bill Gates switched from his calling -Microsoft- to a new calling, helping needy people in the world.

As you go through life, you may be at some intersections or quarter life crises. Consider these:

First, everyone on earth has a calling.

Second, calling comes from God. His prime call to all of us is to draw near to Him.

Third, as you live within the boundaries of His will, He will gradually reveal His calling to you.

 How about you? 

Did you find your calling so far? Are you at home in your job and calling today?

When did you discover your true calling?

What steps do you need to take to discover your calling?

How do you solve or balance the reality of earning money and enjoying the time doing your calling?

What legacy you like others to remember you for?

Join this blog and the upcoming forums. Ride with us on the quest to discover your life’s calling, and establish ways to develop and fund it.

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by Bryan Villarosa

by Bryan Villarosa

Bacolod City-based Marketing Services Provider | Licensed Financial Advisor

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