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La Guada

La Guada Cafe and Resort DSB

La Guada DSB _ 14

La Guada Cafe and Resort is famous for its stunning view and ability to give you this “buwis buhay” pose. It was established in the year 2017 on an overlooking roadside with farms and rivers beneath.

It gives you good food, good coffee, mountain breeze and stunning view of the horizon, river and farms. 

How to Get to La Guada

How to get there
La Guada from the road from Bacolod

La Guada Cafe is easy to find. It’s beside the highway going up to Don Salvador if you’re from Bacolod. 

It’s located at the Km 40 milestone – the yellow standing concrete starting from Bacolod (Lagoon) at 0km. 

You’ll see La Guada in the “curvada” with an ample parking space across it. The cafe simply has the signage in front of it. 


La Guada DSB _ 21

You’ll see a concrete wording “I heart DSB” with the Logo. 

If you’re from Cebu or San Carlos, it’s a bit further DSB. Use Google Maps for accuracy. 

La Guada DSB _ 22

It’s usually filled with people during Lunch Time and Sun Set. It’s better to come earlier if you are a bit conscious in taking pictures.

The Views in La Guada

La Guada DSB _ 14

The Buwis-Buhay Pose

La Guada is famous for its overlooking view. You’ll sip your coffee, chat with friends or family, eat a natural food while breathing the cool tropical air of Don Salvador. You’d wish time would stand still. 

You can do the shot like what I did above. I heard some call it the “buwis buhay” or life-endangering pose. Primarily because it gives you the illusion that you’re on the edge of falling. But few meters below it is the garden of La Guada. 

La Guada DSB _ 4

The “safer” shot is beside the Cafe Counter where the group tables are. 

This is the best spot if you’d come as a group because you’ll be able to enjoy the view upclose and personal.

La Guada Menu / Food

La Guada DSB _ 18
Chopsuey with Turnate, the edible flower

I think this is the main currency, the capital attraction of La Guada. But besides that, the food is great. 

I saw the chefs/cooks and servers are dressed professionally- treating your experience as special. 

I’d rate the price as $$.

La Guada DSB _ 3 Menu
La Guada Menu (click to view in full)

You can buy some local delicacies and fruits from Don Salvador bounty. You can also get a good massage below the cafe. There are nipa huts, swimming pool and cozy cottages where you can stay and enjoy a relaxing time. 

I love ‘cos they highlight the Filipino/Negros cuisine through their coffee and mains. 

You should try the Kanlaon Coffee, La Guada Hot Choco or Iced Coffee.

La Guada Drinks
La Guada DSB _ 19 menu

Other Amenities

La Guada DSB _ 7
The cottages below La Guada Cafe

La Guada offers sleepover for those who want to enjoy prolonged communion with nature and with people. Check out La Guada Room rates.

La Guada DSB _ 12 cottage
In one of the cottages below

The River Trek

If you’re up for some adventure, you can do the River Trekking. 

It’s a one hour guided tour of the river from the cafe. 

I asked the staff and the rate is P100 for the tour guide, but it depends if you want to add some tip.

La Guada Swimming Pool

La Guada DSB _ 11 River trek
In one of the cottages below
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by Bryan Villarosa

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