Lakawon Island Rates 2020: Rooms, Fees, Floating Bar, Water Adventures, How to Go There

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Lakawon Island Resort

Lakawon Island is a white-sand cashless luxury resort in Cadiz City, Negros Occidental. It is around 1.5 hours drive away from my hometowne, Bacolod City

This modern island resort is a perfect get away if you’re looking for a tropical, sun-kissed and chill vacation. With friends or with family, Lakawon will help you strengthen your bond.

Imagine, it’s my first time there last March 23, 2019 just when my NOHS classmate Prem invited us. Here are the latest rates, fees, floating bar (tawhay), contact numbers and infos: 

Table of Contents

Lakawon Island Rates 2020

Island Rates 2020

Island Service / ItemRates
Entrance Fee, Terminal Fee, Boat Ride 2-way:P350.00/ person
Tawhai Floating BarP285.00/ person
Umbrella HutP600.00/ person (up to 6 persons only)
Family CottageP1,200.00/ person (up to 10 persons only)
Extra person additional:P100.00/ person
Corkage Charge:P250.00/ person (as of Jan 2020)
Kids 4 and below are free of charge

How to get to Lakawon

The fastest and easiest way to get to Lakawon from outside of Negros Island is by flying to Bacolod-Silay International Airport or Bacolod terminals. Book your tickets for any means in the search form below.

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Via Private Car

Using a private Suzuki mini car, I was glad drive from Bacolod City to Lakawon Port in Brgy. Burgos Cadiz City. With only Google Maps and some previous knowledge of my NOHS classmate, Jorge, we reached Brgy. Burgos, Cadiz City welcome banner. You must turn left at the street with a mini town terminal and a welcome sign named “Welcome Brgy. Burgos.” 

As you enter that welcome signage, you will encounter signages like this and this, guiding you to Lakawon Seaport Pier.


  • From Bacolod City or any point of Negros Occidental, your goal is to reach this signage of Brgy. Burgos. This is before Cadiz City proper if you’re from Bacolod or Silay Airport.
  • From Bacolod City North Ceres Terminal, get to Cadiz-bound bus and go down at the Burgos Signage above.


  • From Silay Airport, get a tricycle outside the airport or a commuter van to Silay proper. Get to a Cadiz Ceres Bus or any that is northbound (except Victorias, Manapla). Go down to Brgy. Burgos above. Ride a tricycle to Lakawon Pier.
  • See my post for an in-depth guide from Bacolod Airport

From Iloilo

VIA Your Travel Agency

  • Your Travel Agency’s van should turn to the sign above.

PARKING FEE at Main Land

Lakawon Tawhai Parking Fee
Lakawon Beach & Tawhai Floating Bar8
Tricycles waiting at the dock to bring you from Lakawon

NEED A Transportation Service FOR YOUR TRIP?

P2,500 per day including driver
-Free photographer.
-With local knowledge of places to go, foods to eat and places to stay

Contact OTours +639278848098 for inquiries or visit Bacolod Day Tours Page

Boat Schedules 2019

Boat Schedules (~15 mins ride @ P350/ person)
5:00PM (Last Regular Trip)

Special Trip Time FrameRates
7:00AM to 5:00PMP1,000.00
5:00PM to 7:00PMP1,500.00


Best times to visit Lakawon Island CAdiz NEgros
Figure above contains the rainfall measurements in Cadiz across the year. October is the "wettest" month.
temperatures in Cadiz Lakawon
May is the hottest month. Jan and Dec are the coolest



Step 1

Get priority number. When we get there, there’s not much people lining up since it’s around 12:30 noontime. So we just went ahead to step 3. Priority Number Box:

Step 2

Heed some reminders while waiting to be called. I think step 2 is for you to read some important infos while waiting for your number. As a Graphics Designer I want these to be better presented 🤣

Step 3

Encode Passenger / Tourist Information. Here’s my classmate Jorge typing our group information which includes: group name, contact number of point person, names of guests. The interface will then project total amount of the entrance fee. 

Step 4

Reload Cash Card. Lakawon is a cashless society. Before you cross to the island, you will have to reload your card so you can stuffs in the island such as food, drinks and souvenirs. Don’t worry!!! You can also add-up load in the island itself. 

At step 4, you determine how much load you are going to put up to your card.

I think this is good so the flow and exchange of transactions are perfectly logged and the management can gain visibility.

Dining Hall Menu
Tawhai Floating Bar Menu
Lakawon Sunset Bar Menu


If you are looking ways to save, bring marinated pork, chicken or beef and cook at the designated grilling area at the back of the dining hall.

Step 5

Wait to be called at the cashier. This time, it’s exchanging cash to load.

Step 6

Pay at the cashier. You can also have modifications at this step.  You will have your receipt and card.

Step 7:


Step 8:


Step 9:


References & Insights:

  • Steps in Going to Lakawon Island
  • In our experience, we did not perform Steps 5, 7 and 8 because there’s not much people waiting in line. Just went straight to the boat.

CROSSING to the Island

Cadiz Port to Lakawon
Pumpboats and special to Lakawon
Special Trip Fastboat & Pumpboat (afar) to Lakawon. The island can be seen here.
Life Jacket to Lakawon
Tawhai Floating Bar
Pier at Lakawon Island welcoming guests with the view of Negros mountains

I see many people in Instagram taking pictures below this bridge.


Went here the 3rd week of March, so it’s really a climax or the denouement of the summer season. So my first impression at Lakawon is “it’s very hot” especially that we arrived 12:30 noon time and left at 5PM. So it’s basically just a half day trip. I was not able to appreciate a full sunset and night cycle but nevertheless here are my shots.

Lakawon Dining Hall
Lakawon Dining Hall
View of the Concert Stage and Beach from the Dining Hall
View of the Concert Stage and Beach from the Dining Hall
Souvenir Shop at Lakawon
Lakawon Huts
Lakawon Umbrella Hut (P600 for up to 6 persons)
Menu at the Snack Bar
Snack Bar


Type of RoomFeaturesRate
Bamboo HutsGood for 4 persons; 2 Single Beds; 2 Extra Foams; Extra Person: P300/headPHP 2,500/night
Pearl's PlaceGood for 4 persons; 2 Single Bed with pull-out; Cable TV; Extra Person: P500/ headPHP 3,799/ night
Bunk RoomGood for 8 persons; Airconditioned Room with 4 Bunk Beds; Shared BathroomPHP 4,999/night
Junior Suite Awith breakfast for 2; 2 single beds; Cable TV; Fridge; Terrace; Linen 250 Thread Counts; Extra Person: P750/headPHP 5,000/ night
Premiere Suite Awith breakfast for 4;
1 King size bed, 1 Queen Size bed; Linen 300 thread counts; Terrace; Cable TV; Fridge; Extra Person: P1,000/head
PHP 9,499.00/ night
Junior Suite BGood for 5 PaxPHP 10,499/ night
Premiere Suite Bwith breakfast for 5; 1 Queen-size bed; 3 single beds; Linen 300 thread counts; Terrace; Cable TV; Fridge; Extra Person: P1,000/headPHP 10,599/ night
Barkada Suitewith breakfast for 6; 2 Queen Beds; 2 single beds; Cable TV; Fridge; Terrace; Extra Person: P1,000/headPHP 11,999/ night
Condo Suitewith breakfast for 6;1 King size bed in Master's Bedroom; 3 single beds; Linen 300 thread counts; Terrace; Cable TV; Fridge; Extra Person: P1,000/headPHP 11,999/ night

For reservations:

Globe Reservation: 09175022625

Smart Reservation: 09981544987

Bamboo Hut's Inside
Bamboo Huts
The "BackBeach" of the island

Beach & Facilities

Lakawon Bars and Chairs
Bar menu. Click & Zoom to scan
Every transaction has a receipt which reflects your card balance

Tawhai Floating Bar

Tawhai is a man-made floating restaurant and relaxation deck 5 mins away from the island. You can lie down and stare at the horizon or at the grandiose sunset. The rate is P285.00 per person. 

Tawhai Floating Bar Menu
Tawhai Floating Bar Menu

Water Activities

UFO Lakawon Resort


P2,100/ 6 persons / 15 minutes

Flying Fish

P2,100/ 6 persons / 15 minutes

Banana Boat

P2,500/ 8 persons / 15 minutes

bandwagon lakawon


P2,100/ 6 persons / 15 minutes

Kayak Lakawon Bryan Blog Image


P600/2 persons/1 hour
P300/1 person/1 hour

Lakawon Water ACtivities

Paddle Board


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