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Life is a road. When Christ said “I am the way…,” He was comparing himself as a way or a road. And since He is the life, that road that He is talking about is life itself.

Using the poetic nature within us, we know that life indeed is a road. In analogy, life is a continuous set of steps. It is a series of events where one leads to another. It is a sequence of happenings that go in a linear pathway.

A road has a destination, and so is life. Life has a final destiny, but before reaching that destiny, you must trod along its path. However, there are two roads (Psalm 1) in this life, the road of Jesus leads to the best destination even though the road seems rough and rugged.

When life seems like a “rocky road” instead of  a “royal road,” let’s take heart and remember that our destination is the best ever. Just keep on “looking unto Jesus as the finisher of our faith.” Later on this road, our walking by faith will come to an end, and our faith will become sight. Just like the wisemen when they saw Christ after months of journey, so you will be rewarded by the sight of the Savior if you keep on walking on His way, following the Star.

Since life is a road, this road is not our home. This world is not our home. We are not street children that scatter in the dark streets without a family but we are children of the kingdom with a Father and a Home. Those who are in Christ are not of this world. We don’t belong here. We are pilgrims (1 Peter 2:11), sojourners and travelers  We should be inn-renters and not settlers here. The hearts of the Kingdom children are never “at home” in this world. We have to hold everything lightly here because we will leave them anyway and anytime, we are going to “check out” from the inn we are in. We are not to be “entangled with the affairs of this life” also (2 Timothy 2:4) since we are not yet in our destination.

In John Bunyan’s book, he compared our life to a pilgrim and entitled his book as “Pilgrim’s Progress.” The book is an allegory of a Christian’s life. The main character was Pilgrim whose name was later changed to “Christian.” With all the adventures he had, the Lord led him to his final home which is called “Celestial City.” In this life also, we are only temporarily staying at any place, and every step that man takes is a way to either or of the two destinations- eternal separation or eternal marriage with God.

In a metaphorical language, life also means a way of thinking. When Christ said “I am the way…,” He did not only referred to being a road, but being a way of life Himself. Christ is a lifestyle. He is pointing us to Himself for our reference, for our imitation and for our example as to how we conduct ourselves. He is the complete course on how life should be lived out.

I see this as how Christ simplified the term “lifestyle.” He was pointing to Himself as “I am to be your lifestyle.” Follow me as to How you should think, act and feel. I am to be your pattern, your guide, your model. Follow my way.

Since life is a road, we are walking whether we like it or not. But walk of a Christian is a walk by faith and not by sight. No matter what we do on the road, we are surely walking at any given period. The same with life, no matter how we live it, we cannot deny that we are actually “walking.” We are talking even though we don’t speak. We are broadcasting even though we don’t open our mouth. So then, let us walk in Christ and with Christ.

Therefore, how do we walk with God on this life? We walk with His Word and so with His lifestyle. We walk by faith in His Word and not just by the sight of our own eyes and opinions.

We need a Guide that will hold our hands to trod this road. It is not easy, yet there He is. Leave those that disturb your walk with Him and hold tight to those Hands that will hold you til the end. Walk in newness of life. Walk with Him.

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by Bryan Villarosa

by Bryan Villarosa

Bacolod City-based Marketing Services Provider | Licensed Financial Advisor

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