Lower wages doesn’t mean inferior

Filipinos (or other nations) have a tendency to think that if someone is earning dollars, he is superior to the rest who only earn in pesos (or any third-world country equivalent).

Of course, this is not explicit, but is implicitly and subconsciously believed (that’s why a lot of Filipinos prefer not to stay and build a life in the country). Colonial mentality is this mindset that foreign lands are superior, and the mother land is a minority.

But poverty does not always mean ignorance among entrepreneurs nor inferior personal competence. Poverty is the product, in most countries, of the lack of capital that has flowed into and grew within the country. Even when local entrepreneurs and laborers are competent, and capital is low and underdeveloped, it is not inferior.

A skilled worker in the Philippines, let’s say a nurse or an engineer, may be earning less compared to those who work abroad, but this does not mean personal inferiority.

One may find that the same skill will have higher wages in other countries such as the US, UK, mainly because of the volume in those countries’ capital.

Once again, it’s not ignorance nor personal inferiority but mainly because of the time and capital invested in a certain industry. England, US and other countries have started early in industrialization. They have been discovering productivity dynamics ever since and had  longer time to accumulate capital, research results, equipment and tools to make production faster and better.

The rest have started late. This means that the technology, results and products developed by the West through time have come later to the rest of the foreign countries, such as the Philippines.

Rising income, savings, and investments in the West also enabled entrepreneurs to give more compensation. More compensation attracted more and better workers resulting to progress in human capital, thus increasing tools and products even further.

The problem in under-developed nations is obviously lack of capital, skills, technology and low savings. But when capital is lacking, does this always mean personal inferiority? Not at all.

It’s because these nations, may have emerged only later in the world of developing economies. The wisdom and sound economic knowledge may have entered late, rooted late, and, therefore, the fruits were delayed.

Lesser capital does not always mean inferiority. It means that there is still more for the civilization to develop such as its policies, ethics, values, government.

The more people who possess the Superior Mentality- or shall I say, the Dominion Theology or Biblical Mindset about Economics, Stewardship and Ethics. The more the nation catches up with these mindsets, the faster their pace will be towards genuine development.

When the fruits are delayed, it is caused by the roots which is the society. Foreign or domestic, it is the civilization that has to increase so its products increase. The solution still lies in changing and reforming the mind, reforming the heart, reforming the soul.

This process is not easy, it takes time.

by Bryan Villarosa

by Bryan Villarosa

Bacolod City-based Marketing Services Provider | Licensed Financial Advisor

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