2020 Mambukal, Negros: My Hometown’s Gift from the Creator- Directions, Prices, Cottages, Contact Numbers etc.

If you’re looking for a nature-based resort, volcanic hot spring and waterfalls in Negros; where you can have close-encounter with rare wildlife species, Mambukal Resort is on top of your list.

A place of natural beauty

Mambukal or alternatively spelled “Mambucal” is a Mountain / Highland Resort in Brgy. Minoyan, Murcia, Negros Occidental.

It is government-operated, directly governed by the Provincial Government of Negros Occidentalso expect prices are subsidised or affordable. The place is cool also, so you get to be served by God’s creation better.

Mambukal is one of the oldest and most successful government-run resort in Western Visayas. I got a lot of childhood memories here. It is a must-visit when you come to Negros Occidental province. It’s a good place for road trip, camping, nature trekking, adventure or solo travel.

Mambukal River
The river that flows through Mambukal Resort, coming from the 7 falls. We used to swim here when we were children, back when we have no budget for the pool.

Where is Mambukal?

Mambukal in the Map of Philippines
Mambucal is in Murcia, Negros Occidental. Part of Negros Island in Western Visayas Region.

Mambukal is only 32 kilometers away from Bacolod City and the accessibility to this place is very easy (in Libertad Public Market). If you commute, the jeep / canter will pass through the Municipality of Murcia.

Mambukal is a place of natural beauty. It lies on the foot of Mount Kanlaon- although it is relatively very far in terms of distance (2 days walk) – and the offshoots of the Kanlaon gives Mambukal the power to make people enjoy- such as the elevated location and cool air, hot spring, Negros species and flora and fauna.

Since this is government-led, the prices are relatively-lower compared to majority of private-owned resorts. The age of the resort also contributes as to why this place has developed transportation to and fro and popularity. The affordability of the rates add to the “comfort” for the visitors – both physically and financially. You have options for food like bringing your own cooked or raw, or you can just buy from the tiangges outside or inside the resort. 

The therapeutic hotspring of Mambucal

Mambukal is spread to over 23.6 hectares of land which allows you to enjoy different forms of enjoyment – from cool winds, quality but cheap accommodation, convention / conference, camping, falls (seven falls), access to Mount Kanla-on, boating, zipline, flower buying, hot springs, swimming, conference, butterfly and bat watching or just simple nature stroll. 

It’s distance from Bacolod City (45 mins to  1 hour) allows you to enjoy nature without being too far from your business, work or transactions in the capital of Negros Occidental. 


Further scroll down below to see the rest of the fees.

Item / Service / RoomRate (in Philippine Pesos)


Light VehiclesP15
Trucks and BusesP30

mambukal resort room rates 2019

Mambukal LGU Cottages Map

Mambukal Resort Villas and Family Cottage

Families or groups can detox in the very relaxing and scenic resort villas which will surely make any vacation stress-clearing and enjoyable. 


Rates in Philippine Pesos
There are 28 furnished Villas in Mambukal with verandas where you can enjoy a relaxing view of the boating lagoon, cool fresh air and lush nature.
1 Matrimonial BedP1,700
1 Matrimonial Bed and Single BedP2,000
4 Single BedsP2,400
Extra Pull-out BedP200

Family Cottage

P4,000 / cottage
There are 3 family cottages in Mambukal. Capacity: 6-10 persons. Each as 2 airconditioned bedrooms and 2 toilet and bath with hot and cold shower, living room, dining room, kitchen area and veranda surrounding the cottage, outdoor barbecue area and scenic view of the boating lagoon.

Mambukal LGU Cottages

Mambukal LGU Cottages
Mambukal LGU Cottages

The LGU Cottages I think are so fare the most economical options for a group or family resort trip. The rooms are good for you to enjoy a bonding and a good rest. Here’s a pic below of my family during our reunion last April 2018.  

We arrived in the afternoon, just few minutes after 2PM (the check-in) time and headed to eat our late lunch. We then had a dip at the hot spring and cooked our dinner for the night. We enjoyed the bonding over the grilling pork chop at the grilling area using charcoal. After dinner, we had a good conversation, prayer and bible study time. At 6am, we woke up at the coldness of the air, and watched the bats flying around the sky before they go back hanging at the trees for sleep. 

LGU Cottage

Available RoomsRates in Philippine Pesos
LGU Cottages are those beside the road upon entering. Floor area is 20sqm.
Rooms good for 2 pax11 rooms all in allP900.00 (one matrimonial bed or 2 single beds)
Rooms good for 4 pax22 roomsP1,200.00 (4 single beds)
Rooms good for families with 6 beds11 roomsP1,500.00 (2 single beds and 2 double deck or bunker beds)
All rooms are airconditioned with hot and cold shower, kitchenette and a veranda.

Mambukal Camping Area

Alternatively, you can opt for the camping area if you’re up for some adventure and much savings. There are government sekyu guards roaming naman around the area.

How to Get to Mambukal Resort From Bacolod

Bacolod City Silay Airport is 55 minutes away from Manila and 30 minutes from Cebu by air. or book any transpo below.

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1. By Private Car / Van

Mambukal is ~45mins drive form km 0 in Lagoon Park. You can simply use Google Maps or Waze for the location. You pass by Brgy. Mansilingan and Murcia Municipality.

After Murcia Town, you’ll pass this important fork road. Go straight ahead for Mambukal. Turning left will lead you to Don Salvador. 

Tip: You can hire a private transportation service from us to maximize your trip. May have day tour: Mambukal/Campuestohan/Ruins/Manokan. Contact me for inquiry.

2. By Commute

Commute Jeepney
The Mambucal Jeep just across Save More Libertad. This double tire jeepney will bring you directly to Mambukal Resort for just below P50.

Commute Option 1

1. From SM, take a jeepney with the route Bata or Mandalagan and tell the jeepney driver to drop you at Libertad Market. You will either go down in front of the market or at the University of Negros Occidental. 

2. Take a little walk to Save More Libertad and just in front of it are Jeepneys called Double Tires with the route directly to Mambukal Resort. Fare ranges from 20 pesos to 40 pesos. 

Commute Option 2

1. Here’s a route with a side-trip agenda. If you have time, take a jeep called Murcia-Libertad around Libertad Market too instead of Mambukal. You pass this town halfway to Mambukal. This is my hometown, where I grew up. 

2. Upon going down at Murcia Public Market, take a tricycle and visit a restaurant called Hilltop Restaurant. After there, take Mambukal Jeep either at Murcia Market or Murcia Plaza. 

Here's me and my friends on top of Mambukal Jeepney at 6PM. We enjoyed the 1.3 hours ride (due to stops for roadside passengers) and the cool breeze kissing harshly to our cheeks. The views of the lights on the mountains over a dark background is superb. Just remember to hold tight and always consider your safety first and foremost.
Jeepneys Outside Mambukal Resort

How to Get to Mambukal Resort From Iloilo

  1. Go to Iloilo Fastcraft Terminal in Lapuz via Taxi or Tricycle.
  2. Take any of the Fastcrafts (Weesam, Oceanjet or Supercat).
    1. Alternatively, if you want to bring your, go to Dumangas for RoRo trips to Bacolod. Or take the Fastcat RoRo from the City Terminal.
    2. Another alternative but a more challenging route is Iloilo to Suclaran Guimaras to Pulupandan Negros.
  3. Upon arrival at BREDCO:
    1. Get a taxi to Libertad Market Mambukal Terminal in front of Save More Libertad. 
    2. or get a tricycle and ride with the others at ~10php per pax. Go down at SM Bacolod. Get a Bata-Libertad Jeepney and go down at Libertad Market Palawan Pawnshop. Walk towards Save More Libertad.
  4. The Mambukal Cebro Jeep will bring you directly to Mambukal Resort Gate.

NEED A Transportation Service FOR YOUR TRIP?

P2,500 per day including driver
-Free photographer.
-With local knowledge of places to go, foods to eat and places to stay

Contact OTours +639278848098 for inquiries or visit Bacolod Day Tours Page

Mambukal Resort On-site Reservation in Bacolod City

Mambukal Resort Reservation Office. Alt. (034) 709-0990

Address: Old Capitol Building, Gatuslao Street, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

If you are staying overnight in Mambukal Resort, it’s better to secure your accommodation at their office in Negros Capitol Office because there are times (if not most of the time) the rooms are fully-booked in Mambukal, especially during holidays, Christmas, Holy Week or Long Weekends . Below is the map for the Mambukal Resort Reservation Center.

Mambukal Resort at Brgy. Minoyan, Murcia, Negros Occidental

(Pay Service): Reserve Your Mambukal Slot

Reservation Service Mambukal Resort
Because I always receive calls due to “cannot be contacted” mambukal office, I am offering a taskman service to reserve you accommodation in Mambukal with the following inclusions and price:

– I will have Someone Reserve You at mambukal’s reservation Office
-your date of arrival at mambukal must be minimum 5 days prior from the date that you contacted me
-We must confirm the dates first if available
-You must send the Service payment + Reservation Payment via BPI Deposit  (9199075591), BDO or Gcash Only
-Mambukal Requires 50% downpayment of your total accommodation 
-We will do the task within 2 business days 
-We will e-mail your receipt within 2 business day after reservation
-You can arrive at Mambukal on the day of your reservation, 2PM. Even without a receipt, just tell your name and show ID to confirm slot.

Fee: P1,000 + 50% of your total Accommodation Fee

Things to Do in Mambucal

1. Mambukal Falls

Mambukal Falls

Mambukal Falls is one of the most popular features of Mambukal Mountain Resort. 

Above the mountain tops of Mambukal Resort are cliffs of rocks where a big mountain stream flows through. The stream flows through several tributaries and descends seven times, producing a total of seven waterfalls. 

The water stream goes through the center of the resort and through the boating lagoon. It then flows out to Murcia, then combining the big streams leading to the Bago River, and exiting the Bago Delta. 

At the foot hills of the trek lie a booth for the guides. As of today, no longer is anyone allowed to get to the falls without a guide familiar with the passage.


WaterfallsTariffNumber of Hours
1st WaterfallsPHP 1001 Hour
2nd WaterfallsPHP 1501 Hour and 15 mins
3rd WaterfallsPHP 2001 Hour and 30 mins
6th WaterfallsPHP 2502 Hours
7th WaterfallsPHP 3503 Hours

Mambukal is also one of the Gateways to Mt. Kanlaon National Park

There are several ways to get to the crater of Mt. Kanla-on one of them is the Wasay Trail. 

Wasay Trail starts from Mambukal, a gradual progression of approximately 14.5 kilometer trek (2 days) to the summit and approximately 2,435 meters above the sea-level.

2. Bat-watching

There are four different species of flying foxes around Mambukal (1) Golden-Mantled (2) Common Island (3) Large Flying Fox and the (4) Endangered Golden-crowned flying fox. There are more than 8,000 to 10,000 individual flying foxes in this mountain resort. 

FAQ: What time of they year best to experience batch watching? Ans: I think anytime. I’ve been in Mambukal across all months of the year and the bats are there all the time. Especially in the late afternoon, they’re flying. 

Mambukal Bat Watching
During bright day time, most bats are "sleeping" upside down from the edges of trees.

3. Butterfly Garden

There is an abundant number of species of butterflies and other interesting life forms that can make kids enjoy, families bond and inquisitive visitors explore. 

4. Dip at the Therapeutic HOT SPRING

Mambukal Hotspring
Mambukal Common Hotspring
Sulfur Bath Mambukal
Hot Spring Bath at Mambukal and Massage

Take a plunge and let the heat melt your cares away. Unwind and pamper yourself to a calming environment with calming services. 

The hot minerals and sulfur from the ground continually feed the dipping pools of Mambukal – such as the Resort Dipping Pool, the Ishiwata Bathhouse and the Japanese Ofuro which was inspired by the Rotenburo in Japan. 

The hot waters mixed with nature’s minerals is good for the body- taking away tension and strees, soothes muscle pains and stimulates good blood circulation. 

After a body-healing bath at the dipping pools, you can let your body relax at the Blade’s Spa.

Two Hot Springs

Generally, there are two Hot Springs in Mambukal where people can soak: One is directly under the “bats’ tree”, beside the bridge and beside the road (see map below) and  one is just beside it, going inside which is known as the Japanese Ofuro. 

Since Mambukal was first developed  by the Japanese, this has been specially preserved and developed. I know many Japanese retirees in Negros who go here regularly. 

5. The Sulfur Source

Below is not for bathing, but just for witnessing how waters from the deep are being heated up by deep volcanic earthly activity from the crust of the earth. This can be found along the lines of the flowers for sale. Be careful because around this pool is an area called “Boiling Mud.”

Mambukal Sulfur Spring Source
Mambukal Spring Source
Just below the Sulfur Source is a mini foot pool where you can try to dip. If you can endure the temperature, you can enjoy a free volcanic foot spa. Thanks to these friends of mind who allowed for a picture-taking.

6. Do Some Adventures

Get some adventures at Mambukal. 

a. Zip Line

Shout your heart out and let your pains and brokenness fly away. Try the 200-meter zip-line that let’s you fly across the boating lagoon of the Mountain Resort.

b. Hanging Bridge

Sometimes you just have to look at life a different point of view – and you begin to see things in a different way and you learn to forgive and enjoy.

Walk through the trees in an ascending path through the Hanging Bridge and be mesmerized with the glory of nature! 

c. Boating at the Lagoon or Wall Climbing

Mambukal Boating Lagoon

Strengthen your upper body and climb the wall while nature is embracing you, or enjoy the picturesque beauty of nature over the waters of Mambukal’s Lagoon. 

d. Swimming PoolS

Or simply let the cold waters of the swimming pool destress your body from the pressures of the city life. 

7. Mudpack Festival

From Mambukal Page

Mudpack Festival is one of the unique festivals in the Philippines held every 3rd Week of June. This is a celebration of oneness with nature- when man and nature embrace one another, acknowledging the interdependence with each other. 

This celebration features Mabukal’s multi-colored clay where artists showcase their talents using ethnic music, dances and crafts. 

Activities include:

  • Installation Art
  • Clay Body Painting
  • Poster Making
  • Mixed Media Art Competition
  • Solo Dance
  • Tribal Dance Competition
  • Drumbeating Competition

8. Buying Flowers in Mambukal

Mambukal Flower Shopping
Buying flowers at Mambukal

Mambucal Amenities

Mambukal Facilities

Picnic HutsP300/ P600
Trellis and PagodaP300
Swimming / Dipping PoolP50
Japanese OfuroP100.00
Slide for Life (zip line)P50
Wall ClimbingP25
Canopy WalkP50
Butterfly GardenP20
Camping (per person / per day)P50
Ishiwata Bath HouseP100 / 30 minutes
Blade Spa(Services offered: Body Massage, Body Scrub with Massage, Body Wraps, Facial Care, Hand Care and Foot Care)
Lake where you can do boating, meditation and sight seeing

Ishiwata: Mambukal Gathering Place & Hot Spring Bath

Photo by Lyndon Jaminola‎. Ishiwata is the first permanent structure made by the Japanese which has spring bath houses inside too.
Hot Bath Inside Ishiwata Bathhouse Mambukal

The first permanent structure in the resort is before World War 2, the Ishiwata Bath House, was built in 1927, as part of developments made by the Japanese architect Kokichi Paul Ishiwata.

The hot bath is connected to Mambukal’s Hot Spring where you and/or your friends can enjoy a group soak over the sulfur water emersing from the depths of the ground as a gift from Mount Kanlaon. 

The Ishiwata Bath House, of neo-classical design, is the oldest structure in Mambukal Resort.

It was designed by Japanese urban planner and architect Kokichi Paul Ishiwata in 1927 and is now declared a national historical site.

The bath house has five different cubicles that provide privacy to bathers, and is famous for its hot sulfur water from the Kanlaon Volcano and cold water from Mambukal’s 7 waterfalls.

Ishiwata was also the planner of Mambukal Resort.

Catering Services

Mambukal is also conducive place for those who want to mix business with pleasure- or maybe conduct conferences for your cause or profession. Your guests can enjoy a cool place, close to nature and away from the easy distractions of the urban area.

This allows you to have close fellowships and focused attentions. Catering Service is also available for events or functions. For set meals and buffet choices.

The Mambukal Convention Center

Mambukal Convention Center
The new Mambukal Convention Center - offers organizations the ability to convene at an affordable price with cool surrounding.

Newest Attraction: "Kaon ta sa Suba"

Mambukal Kaon ta sa Suba

A daytour package which includes entrance to the resort, swimming pools, dipping pool, and a hearty Filipino lunch at the river.

This newest attraction allows you to experience the joys of the past – when Negros people eat with their feet soaking at the cold flowing waters of the river.

Opens on Weekends 11AM-2PM

Special arrangement for groups are also available. For inquiries please call 034-433-8516 / 709-0990. Package is PHP499 per head – Native/Filipino Cuisine.


Mambukal Resort Map

To see the bigger version of the map, click here:

My Memories in Mambukal Resort

This place is a remarkable place for me for some reasons: 

(1) Since I was a child, I’ve had wonderful memories here with my family. We were bonded in this place, and those memories include the coolness of the air and the sumptuousness of the food. The smoke from the grills add to the feel of the “freshness” of the bounty right from the charcoal heat. 

(2) When I was in high school, our whole batch went here and I can still remember our feet soaking in the cold waters of the river, experiencing intermittent pain over the small rocks by walking barefoot and the cold smooth huge rocks where we can sit or lean. 

(3) The mud during the mudpack festival or just an ordinary rest day brings memories of soft texture mixed with feeling of healing from the nature minerals. 

As time went by, I saw the development of this place from a raw natural resource to a responsible eco-friendly and government-led development and architecture. 

Contact Numbers

Mambukal Resort Reservation Office

Telephone Number: (034) 433-8516 / (034) 709-0990
[email protected]

Address: Old Capitol Building, Gatuslao Street, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

Mambukal Resort at Brgy. Minoyan, Murcia, Negros Occidental

(034) 473-0610


Official Page: Mambukal Resort _Official Page_

Actual Reference (Brochure taken from Mambukal on Nov 2019)


Mambukal Gallery

Bacolod Budget Hotels

If you’re looking for budget hotels, I have compiled a list of cheap inns and stays which can help you save and maximize your stay. Some online bookings may not tell you what we know as locals. I have also added comments of which ones are the best. 

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