Manila to Legazpi


Penafrancia Tours

Bus / By Land
950 Regular
  • 13 Hours 30 minutes Travel
  • Wifi and TV on Board
  • 15kg/Passanger Luggage


Bus / By Land
1096 Regular AC
  • 14 Hours 40 minutes Travel
  • with Aircon
  • with TV

Isarog Line

Bus / By Land
1250 Elite
  • 13 Hours 40 minutes Travel
  • Aircon, Standard Seat, Toilet
  • WiFi and TV on Board


    • DLTB Co stands for Del Monte Land Transport Bus Company. This company is formed as the subsdiary of Del Monte Works, Incorporated. Being said this provincial bus offers different bus routes accross the country especially in Southern Luzon and Eastern Visayas.
    • DLTB Co Terminals in Manila are in Pasay, Buendia, EDSA Cubao, and Aurora Boulevard. DLTB Co departs in Manila five times a day from 8:00 Pm to 10:00 PM.


Departure from Manila: DLTB Co Bus Terminal 
Arrival in Legazpi: Legazpi, City

  • Isarog Line Manila Terminals in Manila are in Alabang, Pasay, EDSA Cubao, and Mirasol Cubao.
  • Bicol Isarog offers daily trips to and from Legazpi. Isarog Line departs in Manila thrice a day from 8:00 Pm to 9:00 PM.

Departure from Manila: Bicol isarog Bus Terminal 
Arrival in Legazpi: Legazpi, City

Cagsawa Ruins

Cagsawa Ruins is one of the most iconic tourist landmarks in Legazpi. The church was built in 1587 then destroyed by Dutch pirates in 1636. A priest had it rebuilt in 1587 but in 1814, the historic eruption of Mayon Volcano once again destroyed the church and the town of Cagsawa.

Quitinday Underground River

Not many people know that Albay has an amazing underground river. It wasn’t as popular as the one in the province of Palawan but the Quitinday Underground River is just as majestic and gained popularity thanks to social media.

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