Manila to NAGA



Bus / By Land
1250 ELITE
  • 8 Hours 15 minutes Travel
  • with Aircon
  • Wi-Fi and TV on Board


Bus / By Land
897 Regular
  • 10 Hours 30 minutes Travel
  • Aircon
  • Video on Board


By Plane
3500 Economy
  • 1 Hour 21 minutes Travel
  • Aircon, Steward, WC
  • Carry-on Luggage


Panicuason Hot Spring Resort

Panicuason Hot Spring Resort is a member of Naga excusion tourism consortium and was made to give a boost to the tourism industry of Naga. New facilities are added regularly to make the resort exciting and to invite more tourists every year. The forest zip line and single line rope bridge are recently opened for the public and you can even try some canopy walk and rappelling. The resort is one place to be if you are looking for some adventure during your holiday.

Basilica of Our Lady of Penafrancia

The Peñafrancia Minor Basilica or the Minor Basilica of the Our Lady of Peñafrancia is a Roman Catholic Minor Basilica located on the outskirts of Naga City—also known as the Pilgrim City and Queen City of Bicol—in the Bicol Region of the Philippines. It is one of the largest Marian Pilgrimage Sites in Asia.

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