Manila to Vigan


Farinas Transit

Bus / By Land
920 Deluxe
  • 8 Hours 15 minutes Travel
  • Aircon, Water Closet
  • Wi-Fi and TV on Board

Aniceto Bus Line

Bus / By Land
750 Express
  • 8 Hours 30 minutes Travel
  • Aircon
  • Video on Board

Partas Bus

Bus / By Land
1060 Deluxe
  • 7 Hours Travel
  • Reclining Chair, Aircon, TV
  • WiFi and Toilet on Board


Calle Crisologo

The most beautiful street in the Philippines can be found in Vigan — Calle Crisologo. It was restored to its pre-war beauty with its cobbled streets and old Spanish houses. It is the only town during World War II that was saved from destruction because of a love story. Legend has it that a Japanese General, who married a Filipina in Vigan, promised the parish priest that he would save the town from destruction from the retreating Japanese if he would agree to take care of his family.

Bantay Church Bell Tower

Nothing else can give you the best view of Vigan than the Bantay Church Bell Tower. The belfry is situated on a hill overlooking the Bantay district in northeast Vigan. You’ll need to climb a winding staircase to get to the top of the brick structure, where you’ll find an enormous bell hanging right in the middle of the tower. The watchtower served as a good vantage point for the natives of Ilocos to see approaching enemies during the Spanish reign and World War II.

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