Medical Plaza Bacolod List of Doctors

Medical Plaza or VLI Medical Plaza is one of the top healthcare hubs in Bacolod City.  Bacolod is a rising hub for medical tourism and competency. 

Some milestones include the New Bacolod Riverside Cancer Center, the public-owned Corazon Regional that consistenly wins as most outstanding hospital.

I think Medical Plaza VLI has 3 floors / stories of clinics. At the ground floor, it has a lab / diagnostic, dining store, supplies store, Maxicare office and soon to open Korean store. Few meters away is also a new branch of Grace Pharmacy (Drug Store). A walking distance away is the Nord Medical Hub and Doctor’s Hospital. There are also clinics and diagnostic lab tests around the area. 

If VLI is closed maybe you came in Sunday or after-office hours. If it’s closed there are other options like to Una Konsulta at SM Bacolod. Other clinics are at the Riverside MAB, Bacolod Adventist Taculing, Doctor’s, Nord, South Bacolod General Hospital at Pahanocoy and others. 

Scroll down to see the list of VLI Medical Plaza Doctors:

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List of VLI Medical Plaza Doctors and Specialists


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Location of VLI Medical Plaza

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Local's Tip

Enlist early to finish your consultation early. Don’t come in late to enlist yourself. If you live far from VLI, better to book in a nearby inn so you can be the first one to have that check-up/consultation. You won’t waste time staring in the air for the other patients to finish. Book at LOC residences or other affordable accommodations.

If  you’re outside Bacolod and need to  stay near VLI Medical Plaza, I recommend this affordable inn as low as P420 at the back of Hua Ming School at Shopping just a ride away to VLI, Doctors and Riverside. 

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by Bryan Villarosa

by Bryan Villarosa

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