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Megaworld Upper East: The Next Big Thing in Bacolod City

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Upper East Overview

Since Bacolod’s charter year (1938), a lot of buildings have risen. But one giant chunk of land remained vacant, and that is now where Upper East is rising. It’s between the rising East and the established downtown/Burgos area. You’ll both enjoy the modern developments at the East and the affordable genuine locality of the old Bacolod Chinese-Spanish-influenced west side.

This P28 Billion worth of investment will stand on one of the biggest remaining vacant land in the central area of the city, and which was also used to be the Bacolod-Murcia Milling Company (BMMC). All in all, Megaworld is investing P35 Billion for the development of their Bacolod projects including the North Hill gateway.

Megaworld Aerial Bacolod Upper East
New York City-inspired Township at the Heart of Bacolod City

Megaworld was bought from the land of the Aranetas. Amado Araneta is one of Negros’ well-respected business tycoons. He is also the Araneta behind the developments in Cubao and Araneta Coliseum QC. With strategic partnership with Megaworld led by Dr. Andrew Tan, this dream location in Bacolod is now a reality. Andrew Tan is the Philippine’s 6th richest person ($2.3B) as per Forbes’ list.

If you’re into rental or resale, you’ll prioritize high market demand, long-term development potential, and slow value depreciation. You’ll want a location that will put you NEAR strategic points of the city. 

Where you enjoy a walking distance to beautiful parks, public spaces, malls, churches, hotels, and transportation hubs. There is no other better place than where Megaworld Upper East is rising now. 

Why Upper East?

Megaworld Upper East must be your top choice if you’re considering the best real estate (RE) investment in Bacolod City, Negros. Why? Because it ranks high on the following factors:

(1) Nearness to key spots

Upper East is just a walking distance to malls, BPOs, kiosks, government center, major fast food chains, Bacolod Esplanade, road to airport, hotels, and transportation hubs. It will also, in itself, host a variety of transport terminals and more key spots in the city such as hotels, BPOs, and parks.


The place will be a beacon of quality living. If you’re envisioning a lifestyle or retirement life where you could be near your loved ones, enjoy a scenic walk together, bike along the river road together, watch cinemas together, dine together, worship God in the compound’s church together, reflect in the museum together, shop together – ALL IN A WALKABLE DISTANCE – then this project is for you. This environment enables you to LIVE LIFE to the FULL – meaning, using your time so well and giving more value and preciousness to it. 


Upper East will host at least two hotels where one is a vintage-retrofitted one, BPO centers, transport hubs, and malls. Plus, there are other vacant lots for future development. You may also put up your business nearby to generate income for you. The Government Center (NGC) and other offices like DTI, PSO, SSS are now a walking distance away here.

Of course, there would be so-called “down-sides” such as a ‘higher’ pricing compared to other condos, but the value-to-price ratio would still be one of the best. 

(5) Condo Price Increase Monitor

Project / PerSq ROI Analysis Old New Difference Increase (Span) Per month increase
Oct 2018
One Regis (2BR - LP-C) 119,435
Feb 2019 Feb 2021
Two Regis (2BR 9E)** 129,194 145,884 16,690 12.92% in 2 yrs 0.54%
Nov 2020 Mar 2021
One Manhattan (Studio 3F-V)** 140,722 164,857 24,135 17.15% in 4 months 4.29%
**Please note that pricing per sqm may vary due to unit floor, views, and other factors.
Pricing basis are the discounted or NET.
Negative growth is because of the discounts due to pandemic.
Growth Overall (persqm) 119,435 164,857 45,422 38.03% in 29 months 1.31%
Megaworld Upper East Skyline Update (Mar 2021)
Current Site Mar 2021 Megaworld Upper East
Current Site Mar 2021 Megaworld Upper East - in this aerial view is the almost completed One Regis and the 100% completed Lopues East Annex and the main road. Located at the corner of Regis and Lexington Street, One Regis is towering at The Upper East.

Upper East is a Retirement Haven

Best Place for Those Coming Home for Good

Are you planning to retire in the Philippines? Bacolod is one of the best places. You will enjoy multiple gifts of the city from heaven. 

By places, you have proximity of beaches such as Lakawon and Sipalay. Mountains such as DSB, Guintubdan and Canlaon. Cities such as Bacolod, Cebu and Iloilo.

Low cost of living, less traffic jams, more time for life, access to urban infras, nearness to natural and cultural heritage, great foods! – these are just some of the reasons I love Bacolod.

An upscale community with the concept of township right at the nucleus of Bacolod City - live, work and play.

Bacolod is just a smaller city compared to Cebu, Metro Manila and Davao but the 6th most densely-populated highly-urbanized city outside of Metro Manila with 3,496 persons per square km. 

In 2017 & 2019, Bacolod was awarded as the “Top Philippine Model City,” the most livable urban center in PH by The Manila Times. Bacolod also won two special awards – Business-Friendly/High Returns and Retirement Haven.

Bacolod has benefited greatly from the waves of progress brought by the sugar boom in the 1960s to 1980s, the numerous seafarer graduates of the region, the values of the people influenced by American education reforms, Protestant and Roman Christianity, Chinese wisdom, political stability, low crime rate, the good geographical location, proximity to sea and mountains and the excellent BPO industry.

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See How Upper East Fits Your Investment or Residential Needs

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  • See ROI opportunities


Turn-Over Dates

  • One Manhattan Turn-Over: around 2023 4th quarter 
  • Turn- Over date for One Regis- August 2021 plus 1 year grace period
  • Turn- Over date for Two Regis- October 2022 plus 6 Months grace period
One Manhattan Upper East Artist Impression

One Manhattan – Upper East

One Manhattan – Megaworld Upper East’s 3rd Condo Tower in Bacolod City https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVUOz6_7oqg One Manhattan at Upper East Megaworld Bacolod  is a mid-rise residential development

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One Regis in Upper East

Table of Contents Construction Updates From Megaworld official sources Oct 2020 Update as of Feb 2021 Update as of Feb 2021 Tower Perspectives One Regis

Read More »

Upper East Attractions

Megaworld is making another real estate footprint in Bacolod City by putting up a new world-class town called the Upper East—- inspired by the renowned New York district and will be located in front of NGC (Bacolod City New Government Center) stretching to Lopez Jaena Street.

This 34-hectare district will be composed of the following attractions: 

  • Residential Condominiums
  • Malls
  • Roads that are at least 20-meters wide
  • Commercial Centers
  • Mixed-Used Buildings
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Transport Hubs
  • Walk/ Open Parks

The Upper East Lifestyle Mall

Upper East Mall Bacolod Megaworld _ 1
Upper East Mall Bacolod Megaworld _ 2
Bacolod Upper East Lifestyle Mall at night

Amazing design meets sustainability in the Upper East Mall which will be highlighted with a 4.8-meter high clock tower, an open-air dining area, solar panels and other environment-friendly features.

First two Offices inside Megaworld

Property giant to spend P1.2-B to construct its first two office developments inside the 34-hectare The Upper East, offering 17,000 sqm of fresh office inventory

Megaworld, the country’s largest office developer and lessor, is building two office towers inside its 34-hectare The Upper East township in Bacolod City.

The two office towers, which will be called No. 1 Upper East Avenue and No. 5 Upper East Avenue, will offer around 17,000 square meters of office spaces, particularly for the information technology and business process outsourcing (IT-BPO) sector.


Casa Emperador in Iloilo which will also rise in Bacolod beside One and Two Regis

Bacolod’s Upper East, just like Megaworld’s flagship community projects in Iloilo, Taguig, Cebu and others was designed to be another “mega” or “complete community” which Megaworld is known for- a community hub that reflects a decades-old ideals of the company.

Megaworld’s prime thrust is the integration of residences, work places, commercial centres and learning institutions in strategic places in the Philippines to become one upscale community.

The project will take 10 years to develop and was designed to be flood-free. It will use drip irrigation system for the landscapes, LED and solar-powered street lights, underground cabling system for electricity and water re-use facilities. 

Aside from the inspiration from New York, this township community will be situated at the east / upper east area of the city, hence the name Upper East. This land now is surrounded by the Lopez-Jaena street at the West, Burgos Street on the north and Circumferential / Carlos Hilado Road on the east.

This project will be composed of state-of-the-art urban facilities, creative attractions, walkable and patrolled streets, bike lanes and scenic garden landscapes. 

In the News

Reservation Requirements

  • To reserve, here are the requirements:
    25,000 Philippine Pesos
  • If check: Paid to: Megaworld Corp.
  • 2 Valid IDs (Passport needed if foreigner)
  • Fill-up form (3 kinds), scan and email. Then mail us the physical form within a month.
  • PDC’s if payment option chosen requires PDC’s
  • SPA can do the reservation on your behalf (if outside Bacolod)
  • If you are not a Filipino citizen, you can still avail units. Only the banking loans will not be available for you. In that case, your balance will just have to be payable in cash at unit turn-over. 

1.) Buyer's information sheet

Buyers information Sheet Megaworld
1.) Buyer's information sheet

2.) Signed Payment Schedule

Payment Schedule Megaworld Upper East
2.) Signed Payment Schedule

3.) RA Set (Reservation Agreement)

RA Set Megaworld Upper East
3.) RA Set (Reservation Agreement)

4.) Specimen Signature and Spouse's

Specimen Signature Megaworld UpperEast
4.) Specimen Signature and Spouse's

5.) Passport for non-Filipino citizens | Valid ID's for Filipino citizens

Passport Megaworld Two Regis
5.) Passport for non-Filipino citizens | Valid ID's for Filipino citizens


Yes community is pet-friendly

To avail the 2.5% discount, we encourage you to apply for a Checking Account or talk to your relative to use his/her checking account and supply it as scheduled. 

Yes. Single foreigners and married foreigners can avail. 

Yes . For now, year 2019, for studio units only. 

No. Only 220v since we are in the Philippines. But you can install AC/DC adapter. 

Yes, there will be provisions for split-type and window-type aircon.

Bacolod city by God’s grace is blessed with a strategic natural location, covered by the mountains of Kanlaon, Mandalagan, Canlandog and Silay Mountains at the East, sheltering the city from storms that always come from the east. 

As for earthquakes, thank God, Bacolod City and Negros Occidental has no faultlines. 

Please see Calamity Mapping from PHIVOLCS which I got from Globe Office. Thankfully, Bacolod has no natural disaster risks. 

Natural Hazards in Negros

Yes, Megaworld offers a Leasing Services Department that will rent out your unit in your absences, adding you another stream of cashflow. 

Yes, after your reservation, I can help you request for the specifications.

Estimated P90 per square meter

Very minimal and that is the Real Property Tax for the land, and will be divided amongst the unit owners. 

The building itself, no. As long as the building is liveable it stays in your ownership and your posterity/children. Only the condo corp needs to renew after 50yrs. Homeowners can simply request that. 

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See How Upper East Fits Your Investment or Residential Needs

  • Ask for the latest pricing
  • Get your questions about the project answered
  • See ROI opportunities

Megaworld Construction Updates

October 2019

February 2020

Megaworld UpperEast Bacolod updates
Megaworld UpperEast Bacolod updates | Keep on scrolling down for more site pics progress

April 2021


Megaworld Office in Bacolod. Contact me at +639088128227 (Viber / Whatsapp / IMO) to visit
Bryan V Transparent Background

See How Upper East Fits Your Investment or Residential Needs

  • Ask for the latest pricing
  • Get your questions about the project answered
  • See ROI opportunities
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