Mini Strategies to Advance your Career or Calling

1.  Don’t let weariness and laziness overcome you. These are powerful hindrances to your way to a fruitful life. Identify and mercilessly mortify the causes. When you get home from work, take a small nap, spend some time with family, dinner, and do something fruitful until bed time that fulfills your calling. End an hour shorter and wake up 5AM before you move on for the next day’s work.

2. Cut off unproductive Social Media. Call them time-wasters if they are not growing your life for the better. Viral messages and funny videos in Facebook are good only if it serves their purpose for you: to entertain or brain-switch. After you checked important messages from your loved ones and friends, do something worthwhile for the rest of your life.

3. Cut off TV and Movies. A little TV could minister to you on relaxation. Movies are good bonding instruments that would bond your family. Common denominators are built through them, but learn to identify when is the right time to say ‘no’. I prefer documentaries because of the benefits they give you to your calling, but books are more preferable to me most of the time. Comedies, action, adventure movies are all fine, but learn to separate proper time for them.

4. Read a book related to your calling. We all need words to drive us, ideas that will shake us and insights that will move us. Invest in a good book that you will consume each month, giving you a greater gain than the rest of the curve.

5. Make your commute/ travel/ drive time to productive use. Does your office or school require you to travel everyday? Save those times and don’t let them be wasted with your mind wondering to idle and unproductive thoughts. Download audio books, sermons or audio Bible that can minister to you at the start or at the end of your day.

6. Attend seminars and conferences. By this I don’t only mean listening to hours of lectures, but taking time to establish new contacts or re-connecting to the old ones. Hangout during breaks, agree to spend some time eating outside and enjoy the moments of being with the people that share common denominators with you. Contact them after the conference, let them know your plans and be future-oriented towards the people that come into your network.

7. Start a Website. A website speaks to the world when you are asleep.- Of course you have to write the words first. What is your calling and mission in life? Shine as a light in your field and use this technology to showcase your self for more opportunities. Due to the internationalization of labor and audience reach, a website will be your gatepass. You can start a account so that you will know the interface, systems and dashboard of the software, then you can start a self-hosted WordPress blog after you have gained confidence. The best thing about a Calling Website is you can use it to gain higher ground in your field of expertise, and could be a potential way to increase your rank.
These are just some of the minimal tips. The earlier you start discovering your calling, the better. When you reach the final stages of your life, you will enjoy the fruits of the accumulated efforts and years you have put to your calling.

My suggestion is you sit down and clearly identify your goals in life, your calling, and the steps you would take to reach those goals.

by Bryan Villarosa

by Bryan Villarosa

Bacolod City-based Marketing Services Provider | Licensed Financial Advisor

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