My ministry experience with a prisoner in mental disorder

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I just had a special ministry experience with a person suffering from psychological disorder and I wanted to share my experience:

To protect his privacy, I will not disclose any name and place that will give hint to his identity. However, I would like to take this into account so we can see the Lord’s mighty act.

After our wednesday prayer meeting, one of the members of the church’s ladies fellowship approached me and asked if I can go to the town prison to talk to a young man. He had gone out of control during the afternoon and threatened many town’s people. For security concerns, citizens called the police and had him inside the prison cell.

It was around 7:30PM when I got there with the church members who wanted to express concern to the young man. We found him lying down in the floor of the prison cell where he was shouting uncontrollably with very loud words. I heard him calling for fights and threatenings. He was shifting from one emotion to another, and in most times, he was crying to the maximum of his ability.

Together with my co-pastor, we talked to him and reasoned with him as best as we could, but to no avail. He shouted that he was hungry, crying for food, and so somebody went to buy a roasted chicken from a local store called “Chooks to Go.” That was his special request and he said he will never stop shouting until he can eat one dozen of Chooks to Go “Lechon Manok” (Roasted Chicken).

The roasted chickens came but the rice took a longer time before arrival. Because of the thought that food may cause him to stay calm, I took my motorcycle and endeavoured to search for his mother in the town because one of the family members said that she searched for rice.

In my search, I found the mother at their home. When I entered the house, I felt compassion for the family because of their mother’s difficult situation. She is taking care of her children alone, and three of them are suffering from the same mental disorder in their adult and teenage stage. As I saw them, I realized again how the Lord has been gracious to our life that He gave us sound minds that did not led us to difficult situations of this life. It made me more thankful and appreciative for whatever He had given me.

With all honesty, my heart was in pity for her, but can’t find much more ways to help. After packing up, I brought the mother to the police station and she gave us the medicines and the rice because she was not allowed to show up to her son.

When we arrived, I saw the young man already eating the chicken with the 1.5 liter of 7UP softdrink at his side. As I came near to him, he suddenly threw the food that was served to him and was out of control again. He broke the plastic plates, bowls and utensils and threw some to me. He wept aloud and kicked the metal bars, resulting to loud noises. The people that were there scolded him and threatened him to the police, but the young man just grew worse.

His mother called for help from the local health center, and asked for assistance for the medicines that her son needs. She gave me the medicines and asked me to hand them over to the young man. Since he was out of control, I waited for an opportune time since he was still escalating to higher levels of unrest.

Minutes had gone by, I was asking the Lord to calm the man, when all of a sudden, one of the ladies called me and brought me near the prison cell. We handed down the three tablets and the young man grabbed them, immediately took the 1.5 liter softdrink and drink them altogether with big amounts of gulps until the softdrink spilled to his body and to the prison floors.

In a miraculous way, he immediately stayed calmed. I looked at him with mixture of emotions and hesitations, but the same lady who approached me, asked me to pray for the young man at the very moment when he calmed down.

In that moment, I felt the Spirit of the Lord was working. I held the young man’s hand filled with oil, dirt, and softdrink, but he tightened his hand grip to me. I continued on, and lifted him up to the Lord. As I closed my eyes, one image that came to my mind was the picture of the Gadarene Demoniac who was possessed by a legion of demons, and came to Jesus Christ. I felt unworthy to be doing the same things the Lord had done, I heard myself saying to me “Who am I? Who am I to do this?” But, before I uttered any word, I heard the young man begging “please cast out the demons from me, Lord, I’m weary.”

“The ministry of healing, the ministry of salvation, of reconciliation to God, of peace with God, all these are in your power alone O Lord, only I be your unworthy vessel,” I said to myself.

I know that his unfortunate condition was psychological and should not really be ascribed to demonism, but at this instance, I remember that the word “psyche” refers actually to the “soul.”

When we talk about psychology, we are mainly dealing with the soul of a man. But sadly, most people’s basis for today’s “soul treatment” are the unreliable psychology textbooks written by error-prone men just like Freud, rather than the Bible which is without error.

I squatted at the floor with one of my knees in an upright position, drew myself to the bars and entered the Lord’s presence. As we prayed, I felt people at my back started to came near. In my unfamiliarity with this experience, I asked the young man to call upon the Lord, where only I am just the one who leads.

As far as I can remember, I uttered the very same words that miserable people uttered in the Bible who cried out for salvation. Those people who were in terrible and helpless situations are never far from the person who is holding my hand. He needs to cry out to the Lord as well. He is depraved, miserable, sin-hardened and helpless. I led the prayer and cried out, “Lord, save this man. Have mercy on him. Lord, the same way you healed the blind, raised the dead, and did the impossible, so you can also do the same to this young man. Lord, pity him, make him calm, give him the strength to overcome, give him grace, please save him Lord.”

After we prayed, i looked back and saw the church people praying with me. I saw some of the young people and the singles came too. I looked at the young man and his cry increased from soft sobs to loud moanings.

In a sudden manner, he lied down at the floor again, started to slow down, feel weak and get tired. Few minutes later, he remained lying on the floor with some occasional shouts. We decided to go home and let someone watch over him at the prison. As of the moment of this writing, someone told me that he is now quietly asleep.

Their next plan is to bring him to a mental facility 3 hours from here where he will be treated well. Please continue to pray for that young man, his mother and his family. Please pray the Lord will pour out special favor to them and give them grace to be saved from the miserable life we all are in without Christ.

One thing the Lord allowed me to see tonight is the power of His majesty. In moments that you no longer know what to do, you need to cry out. Come to the end of yourself. It is to be hopeless in yourself that you see hope. It is to admit your desperate situation before you can cry out. It is to groand for help before you will be helped.

If you become poor in spirit, you will see that all that is left in you is the Person of the Living God shining on His throne. To be “poor in spirit” is what you need. In most times, the Lord leads you to that begging conditions for you to see His salvation, and so you can say, “My Salvation is the Lord.”

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by Bryan Villarosa

by Bryan Villarosa

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