PAGIBIG (HDMF) Housing Loan for Freelancers

Are you a freelancer/Non-voice BPO agent from Elance-oDesk or any internet-driven income worker? Are you wanting to loan to purchase a house and lot for your family?

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Working online has its tremendous benefits especially for third-world country residents, but it is also has some setbacks.

But here in the Philippines, one good thing is that freelancers can avail housing loan even without a permanent or stable job or business permit to present to the Government Agency. Let me help you by sharing my experience of success in availing a loan.

I am buying a house and lot from a local subdivision for my parents because I wanted them to stop renting when they get old. I also look at this as my investment. As a freelancer, I could only afford an economy house for now, so I searched for an avenue where I could burrow money or apply for a loan.

Here are some requirements you could present to PAGIBIG and housing developer that will most likely be accepted (I used some for my application and it worked).

pagibig housing loan philippines for freelancer odesk
The location of oDesk Certificate of Earnings
pagibig housing loan philippines for freelancer odesk
Certificate of Earnings – oDesk

1. Certificate of Earnings
•From the Freelancer’s Marketplace such as oDesk or Elance.
•Certificate of earnings from your client.
•One good thing about oDesk is that it gives an automated PDF document of your earnings which will certify your authenticity as a credit-worthy citizen.
•At oDesk, you can to go Freelance Profile Home>Reports>More Reports>Certificate of Earnings.  It will generate a special document for you to print.
•When I presented this to the PAGIBIG assessor, she delightfully approved it and said that they approve this kind of loan for a maximum of P550,000.
•I also presented this document to the housing company, and they delightfully accepted it. They said that there are also many freelancers who used this method to avail of loans. The developer has an in-house PAGIBIG agent, and I did not need to traverse between their office and the developers.’. Save time. Save energy. Nice progress seen eh?

2. Bank Statement
•This is also a strong proof that will help them decide you are credit-worthy. If you have an online access to your bank (such as BDO or BPI) you can access your bank statements online and print it at your own convenience. Save yourself from the hassles of traveling to the bank, or waiting for a holiday to pass by.
•For BPI, just login> more options> view account details> view statement of account. It will give you 4 options of time ranges wherein you can generate a PDF document of your financial in-and-outs for the last 12 months.

3. Phone Plan Bills and other Proof-establishing Documents
•Just bring in the rest of your papers that can testify you are an authentic income-generating citizen.

Approvals of loan may differ from one PAGIBIG office to another. You could try to transfer sales person, maybe it’s the personnel who is not approving (I experienced this in banks where some tellers/managers approve certain applications, some do not).

In the case you have no PAGIBIG (just like me), you can pay lumpsome for 24 months so you will be qualified for a housing loan.

5. Another Option
Alternatively,  I have asked my online client to give me a Certificate of Employment, which he agreed to. Then he had signed digitally, and I submitted it as a proof of my employment.

Buti pa ang bahay, may PAGIBIG. (Commercial lang)

For questions, feel free to contact me.

You may want to buy a house and lot in Bacolod City, you can contact me for help and details.

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by Bryan Villarosa

by Bryan Villarosa

Bacolod City-based Marketing Services Provider | Licensed Financial Advisor

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