Website Pricing


Website + Email/Mobile Sign-up
1,497 per month (Annual Plan)
  • Managed Website: 1-3 Pages
  • Get found in Google
  • Simple email/mobile capture
  • 10 GB webspace
  • Capacity up to 10,000 visits monthly


Website + 1 Year Social Media Posts
2,997 per month (Annual Plan)
  • Managed Website: Up to 5 Pages
  • Get found through Google
  • Managed social media marketing
  • 20 GB of Web Space
  • Up to 20,000 monthly visits capacity


Outsourced Marketing Workforce
14,997 per month (Annual Plan)
  • Managed 5-Page Website
  • SEO-optimized blog once a month
  • Managed email broadcast & social media
  • Managed paid ads for guaranteed impressions
  • Up to 40GB of webspace
  • 100,000 monthly visits capacity


Who will provide the content?

The client will provide the content such as texts, images, and videos. We can perform minor text proofreading and editing, minor photo enhancement, and video editing (for VIP clients).

What will be the process?

At minimum, here are the steps:

  • Project overview draft
  • Approval
  • Escrow Deposit and signage (using
  • Website sketch or wireframe
  • Approval
  • Execute sketch, install images, fonts, videos
  • Submission, Revisions, Approval

How long will the website-building take?

It depends on complexity and availability of content but usually takes 2 weeks to a month.

What will the payment process be?

We use a third-party escrow service where client deposits the money and the agreement are both digitally-agreed by us and the client. Once the website or output is done, we submit the link to the escrow service and the client releases the money escrow. If there are any disputes, the third-party escrow service will investigate the matter based on the agreement and will decide with regards to the release. If there are parts of the agreement not fulfilled, the amount or a percentage of it will be returned to you.

What is the web server?

The website will be housed in a top-rated web server company with mirrored servers across the world such as Singapore, Europe, and Americas. It also utilizes the Google Cloud service which is the latest among hosting websites. Having servers here in South East Asia also means faster access to your website so your audience won’t suffer loading and lags. 

How long is the contract? 

12 months. Renewable after 12 months

What if we need edits within the period?

Quotation will be provided based on scope of work. But minimum is P1,000 per page. 

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