Priests of Creation – A Nation of Priests

Every Christian is a priest. We are a kingdom of priests, a holy nation.

The work of a priest is to connect man to the Higher Being and that includes work. The work of a priest is to sanctify creation. We are priests of creation.

The Biblical view of work is what we need. We are in the church once a day, but we are in the work place 6 days. We are priests of creation.

“A nation of priests… A chosen people… A holy nation…”

John Piper used the reason that Christians are not to exercise dominion over the earth because his point is that priests are different from the common people of Israel. This means, priests are not to concern themselves with the common people’s concerns.

But we are all priests. Whether minister or a common Christian, we are a nation of Royal Priests. Whatever or wherever we work, outside or inside the church, the idea of priests is still at work.

A Christian who works in the kitchen as a cook is to view himself as a priest. A priest in the Old Testament is someone who pleads in behalf of the created order towards God. He sanctifies the people through applying Biblical Law to all walks of life.

“What makes a city secure are the guards. They are God’s hand of protection. Wherever there are faithful and wise rulers, good leaders… If you’re a security guard, you are God’s hand that gives security to the city.

Does your work matter to God? Is there a work that is menial? All work matters. All legitimate work gives honor and dignity. The secular world catched this early and reshaped the Western thought that work or labor is honor.

Triumphalism/ Medieval view- the world is a totally evil thing. “It’s a wicked place out there.”

Indifferent View- You just got to do your work for the sake of living. I’ve seen people engulfed to a pessimistic withdrawal of work. Withdrawing from it and focusing on religious non-material work. It’s the essence of Ascetism or Monasticism.

by Bryan Villarosa

by Bryan Villarosa

Bacolod City-based Marketing Services Provider | Licensed Financial Advisor

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