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Humanity is trapped inside the net. It’s not a net but the net. It is the net of misery, the net of sin, the net of destruction that entraps the soul. This net is the bondage that imprisons the hearts of men. This is the net that leads to eternal slaughter and separation from the Life-giver. This net is the endless cycle of defeat in which men are fallen as victim into.

Ridiculous as it may sound, our hearts are naturally and constantly seeking for things that destroy it. No other force in the universe can save us from this but the Lord Himself. No other strength, no other power, but the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

“Pull me out of the net that they have laid privily for me: for thou art my strength.” “Have mercy upon me O Lord or I am in trouble.” Psalm 31:4, 9

The greatest discovery of man is not related to science and technology, but the discovery of his true spiritual condition. It is when the Spirit opens his eyes that enables him to see his tremendous need for someone that can rescue him from this net. This discovery leads to the realization, conviction, and great cry from the heart of a man. This cry is because of helplessness, this cry is driven by hopelessness to himself, this cry is caused by the supernatural. This is the cry for deliverance. The cry of that person at the edge of the cliff, realizing he has no more hope in whatever he can do, but until an external pull would draw him out.

Pull me out! Help me! Recue me! I beg you, please save me! These are the cries of the person who is in that helpless situation. Guess what, you are one. I am one. Unless we do not see our utter inability to rescue ourselves from the brink of destruction, unless we see our radical corruption that disqualifies us from making ourselves pure in God’s sight, unless we are born again, we cannot see. We cannot see our need for the Savior-King.

So cry out, call upon Him, look unto Him and be ye saved.

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